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Chakras, atom and the essence of life.

This is a long posting but I could not reduce it without the possibility that it might not be understood completely. I believe that you will find it very interesting if you read to the end. What I am presenting here is a little involved but if you understand the makeup of the atom as we thought about it 30 years ago I think this will not be too difficult. Basically, we think of an atom as being made up of protons and neutrons in the center with electrons revolving around the center. Each element in physical creation is made up of atoms that consist of a different number of protons, neutrons and electrons. The Council takes us a step or two beyond our standard understanding. They connect the chakra system into the nature of our physical makeup while adding a point or two of enlightenment.

Questioner: The next question is on another piece of information that you gave and that is in the 47th Trance and you were giving us a description of how rock music affects the molecular structure and you were saying that if the chakras were allowed to function properly the molecular structure becomes larger, and then you say, "In other words, say, an atom if you were to look at the atom of a cell on your skin or what have you, it would be one size, the distance from the nucleus to the circulating protons and neutrons, that distance would be greater in a perfectly balanced chakra system than in one that has been, shall we say, tampered with through the drugs or through the acid rock music." And we are somewhat confused as to the actual description of what changes. The question that I had is when you say "circulating protons and neutrons" instead of “protons and neutrons" do you mean electrons there, circulating electrons?

The Council: No, we meant exactly what we said. We were talking about the nucleus itself. What you have on the outside in appearance, you have on the inside; it is the same. Everything is mirrored only in a finer degree or in a higher vibration. In the nucleus, now we are talking about that area that is encompassed by the electrons, that area that you call or that you say consists of protons and neutrons. Do you understand?

Questioner: Okay, the ...

The Council: The nucleus itself.

Questioner: What the scientists, and what I have come to know, is the nucleus would be made up of the protons and neutrons.

The Council: Yes. Within that though is another nucleus, and we were making reference then to that nucleus that you recognize as the center of the atom; we are talking beyond that. Now do you understand?

Questioner: What the scientists call a nucleus, the protons and neutrons, that in itself has a nucleus.

The Council: In that area is the absolute essence of life. Do you understand? What the electrons are to the nucleus, the protons and neutrons are to the essence of life.

Questioner: So the protons and the neutrons would be circulating around its own nucleus.

The Council: Yes. The protons and neutrons would be equivalent to the electrons circulating around the nucleus.

Questioner: All right.

The Council: Very well. Now, for the neutrons and protons to be revolving or circulating what would they be circulating around?

Questioner: A point or a nucleus.

The Council: Very well. If the basic model in man's understanding of an atom is to have a center with electrons circulating around the outside, then the center of that center should in naturalness resemble the outer. Shouldn't it?

Questioner: All right.

The Council: Very well. We were referring to the nucleus itself as man understands the atom. Now within that nucleus, within the protons and neutrons is a nucleus, also. Do you understand?

Questioner: Yes.

The Council: Very well. Here we take on somewhat of a different perspective because once man is capable of actually looking, actually looking, the looking itself will influence what he sees. There are particles so small that the very fact of observing them causes a change in them. Do you understand?

Questioner: Yes.

The Council: Very well. So that must be kept in mind. The actual center of the nucleus as you understand it, is an element that we have referred to as spiritual electricity. Now it is not an element as you know elements to be. We simply use that word to describe a something exists there. This something is the actual spirit-force itself. That is the closest touching in the material that you have of the spirit itself. One might say it is something resembling a magnet that draws other forms of electricity to it, and as these other forms of electricity collect they become, shall we say, somewhat more solid; they form combinations that create a solidifying illusion of spirit; and as these elements then are combined with other elements, they too begin to form an illusion of something more solid; and so it continues until you have a build-up of an entire physical form.

Questioner: Then the spirit or the soul is throughout our entire bodies rather than having a particular focal point in the body as is often talked of.

The Council: Certainly. Certainly. That would not even make sense. There is man's weakness. How could any particular part of your body hold the soul itself, since the whole of you is only a small molecule or atom of your soul. Your physical container can never hold your soul in its entirety. So consequently, no particular part of your body is the center of the soul.

Questioner: Then where is the rest of our soul, the other aspects?

The Council: It is right there. You see, you are trying to put dimensions or limitations on the spiritual, and it is impossible; you become very confused, and it becomes very cloudy and almost contradictive in itself. It is good to know that there is more to you than what you see, but that will be about the best that you will be able to comprehend it. You see, you fail to keep in mind or hold, shall we say, important enough that the physical and all the manifestations connected with the physical really is an illusion compared to spirituality. Now it is real; it does have substance to it; it has a dimension to it, as you all know, but compared to the spiritual, it is unreal, just as the spiritual is unreal to you in your ability to see it.

Editors note: I realize that many of my recent postings have been more technical in nature. This demonstrates the wide range of information that The Council provided us over the more than four decades that they spoke through William LePar. It is also my attempt to show how often they attempted to convey to us the fact that there is a logical tie between the physical and spiritual planes of existence. It is not smoke and mirrors. There is undiscovered scientific fact behind all of creation. God does exist in real terms, life does exist beyond our physical senses in real terms. It is much more real and permanent than our current existence and most importantly, it is our true home.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

An Easter Message from The Council

Whenever a trance occurred close to Easter or Christmas The Council would give us a special message pertaining to the season. The following is an example of one of their messages at Easter time.

The Council: At this time of the year man chooses to celebrate an event that is the crowning glory of all that there is. From the beginning of time the Father gave man a Promise and so it was through all the ages, through all the eternities, God the Father kept His Promise. In that time something less than two thousand years ago, the Father sent His Love, His Divine Love into the physical, into the earth plane creating an actual, living human being, this was Jesus the Christ. And through His years living a life that was done so to make it easy for all to reach a conscious level that is called the Christ Consciousness. His lifestyle is an example that each and every one of you should live. Do not become infatuated with Jesus the man but Jesus the Christ. The Christ or the Love did make its way in and across the earth through the man Jesus but one must remember that the man Jesus was the creation of the Christ or the Love of the Father. We are not detracting from the man or from Christ, but we are offering an explanation. Do not think less of one or more of the other. As He lived His life, so should you live your life, and His life was led by the Commandment which He gave you all as He gave us, and that is to love one another. Love one another to the point that if you are called upon, if you are called upon, to give up that life, you will gladly, you will gladly. In attempting to do this, in living an imitation of Christ's life with the sincerity in your heart, you will reach perfection. You are not asked to die on a cross. Many times we ask and we state that you destroy self, that you pick up your cross. We do not mean this in the literal words. We mean this in your day to day actions. Do what you must do to live a good life. Do not move away from it. Do not accuse others of your shortcomings. In your places of employment, do not use your positions to raise yourself. Do not use your positions to harass and destroy others for you. In your family by all means do not use your position whether it be a father, a mother, or a child to destroy another member of the family or to use other members of the family. This is not love, this is selfishness. Remember: this is the time of the year when man has chosen to celebrate the apex of the Christ Consciousness, the completion of the Christ Consciousness. Jesus Christ the God, Jesus Christ the Man did give His life, did suffer the tortures that man applied to Him, the lashes, the spitting, the insults, the carrying of the cross, to die a very humiliating death and then come above it and rise up with a newly created body, one that man's eyes could not quite understand, the perfection of the Christ Consciousness. The same perfection that all of you can obtain to a degree. Some may rise above death, but that will be very few. Know that when you enter death, you enter the new life. Be positive in your existence, so that when you enter the new life, the real life, you have some thread of the Christ Consciousness within you. At least be able to say to yourself that you have sincerely tried to live a Christ-like life. God the Father promised us a way from the very beginning of eternity, and He has kept His Promise. It is an easy way. Do not be so selfish that you cannot take advantage of the easy way that the Father has given you. Use the Love that He has given you. With this we wish to bless each and every one of you in our own way as God the Father has blessed us and as His Divine Son blesses us, we extend that which they gave us to you as a direct gift not from us but from them using us only as a channel. May the Blessings of the Father and His Son Jesus Christ be upon each and every one of you. Accept this and gain strength from it. Thank you very much. Accept the blessings of this time of year. Celebrate with joy in your heart the risen Christ.

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Time and Our Involvement - Einstein's Perspective

Time and Our Involvement – Einstein’s Perspective

Last week I posted one of the more challenging pieces of information from The Council, The Illusion of Time. I included a link to further information on the subject dealing specifically with Einstein’s theory of relativity. The Council attempted to explain it in technical terms and then gave more practical examples. Upon reflection I felt that it is important to place some commentary with that quote so that it might be a little more easily understood. In this quote The Council points out that time is tied very closely to the physical world. Therefore, the less we are involved in physical activity the faster time appears to move for us. When reading an interesting book, time flies. When sitting in the dentist chair while a tooth is being drilled, it seems to drag. The Council points out that physical life, from the soul’s perspective, is nothing more than observation and activity. Much of our “time” is spent in observation. When we are involved in physical activity, meaning more involved in the physical, it slows down.  Now someone may say, “If you are in a prison cell, staring at the four walls, there is no physical activity but time drags or if you are working in the kitchen of a restaurant during the rush hour, time seems to fly with lots of activity. Yes both are correct but we are not looking at the actual area of activity correctly. Staring at the four walls of the cell is very intense activity with the physical world and rushing around in a kitchen making hundreds of decisions per minute is intense mental activity. If the one in the prison cell were daydreaming about some pleasurable experience instead of focusing on the cell, time would fly because the focus is no longer on the current situation in a moment by moment thought process. In the restaurant the thought processes are geared up to keep up with the physical activities so that everything is at a much faster pace. The following is The Council discussion of how time relates to Einstein’s theory.

Questioner:  Einstein's theory of relativity, my understanding.  He says that time is not absolute.  That we experience time as a result of our velocity and specifically in relation to the speed of light. The faster we travel, the slower we experience time.  You said that we experience time in relation to our observation of activity.  Do these two thoughts relate in anyway?

The Council:  Don’t you see a relationship?

Questioner:  Sometimes I seem to, but as far as the relation that time is relative, but then specifically relating velocity and observation, I can't relate.

The Council:  Repeat it again and think about what you are asking.

Questioner:  Einstein's theory of relativity says that as your speed or velocity approaches the speed of light that your experience of time will be much slower than in comparison to someone who is traveling at a slower rate.

The Council:  Now have you heard what you have said?

Questioner:  The more activity that you are involved in...

The Council:  You must use the speed of light first as the basis as opposed to the one who is not moving at the speed of light, only receiving the speed of light.

Questioner:  Also, Einstein's theory says that if you are traveling at the speed of light that time will stop, essentially will not exist.

The Council:  Isn't that interesting?  What have we said about the world you exist in?

Questioner:  That it is an illusion of our creation.

The Council:  Yes, but what have we said about it being shadows played on light?  The closer you move to light and this also can be understood as moving at the speed of light, since the activities of light or the molecules of light make up the light itself yet is part of the speed.  Do you understand?

Questioner:  Not very well.

The Council:  How can we explain it?  Light in itself is not just light, it is made up of components, basically an energy.  The energy is light because those molecules, those atoms, whatever that constitute light vibrate at a particular rate.  Do you understand that?

Questioner:  Yes, I think.

The Council:  Very well.  As the vibration is increased then, it becomes closer to the components of light.  Do you understand that?

Questioner:  Yes.

The Council:  Consequently, it becomes a closer part of that light.  Do you understand that?

Questioner:  Yes.

The Council:  As it becomes a closer part of that light, then, the lack of attention to the denser form of light constitutes a lack of involvement or observation thus a lack of an awareness of time or transition or activity.  Do you understand that?

Questioner:  I think to some degree.

The Council:  So, then when you do become closer to the light or in your experience of growing toward the light you visualize it as a form or a speed or a travel experience or an awareness.  Do you understand?

Questioner:  Yes.

The Council:  As you become closer to that light, there is less observation of the lower form of light or the lower activity of light, consequently, less time.  Can you follow that?

Questioner:  I think so.

The Council:  Really, if you look at it as simply as is humanly possible it becomes much clearer.  When you attempt to make more out of it, it becomes extremely complicated.  It is so simple that it is extremely hard to explain. If you understand that the material manifestation is an illusion, and it is created by the play of light on shadows, now shadows indicate a lack of light or a slower vibratory rate.  Since there is less energy force there, the rate, the vibration of the shadow will not move as quickly.  Do you understand?

Questioner:  Yes.

The Council:  Consequently, it becomes what appears more solidified.  Keep in mind that the vibratory rate of the atoms or molecules have been reduced.  As they are raised closer to that of light, less time exists because there is less material, less friction to the vibration of light.

Questioner:  I had another question that may be similar.  When we are totally involved or absorbed in something whether reading a book or doing some activity, frequently we seem to lose all track of time. Would this go along with what you are saying when you are not paying attention or not observing?

The Council:  In regards to reading a book, the activity level is switched from a base or fundamental activity, manual activity or manual labor activity, to more of a mental activity, which has a tendency in most cases to speed time up, since you are not occupying your creative abilities with the manipulation of the material manifestation or the material form.  Does that clear it up any better?

Questioner:  Yes, I think so.  One other question I had.  When you are young, time seems to pass so slowly.  A month is a long time; a year seems like a lifetime.  The older you seem to get, days and months and years seem to pass quicker and quicker and quicker.  Why would this be?

The Council:  It is the same as with the question concerning the book.  In most cases, as you begin to age, your activities become more and more of the mind, and as that occurs then, one has less dealings with the physical or the point of concentration is not so centered on the physical, consequently, there is less friction to time, so it moves quicker.  As one ages, it becomes aware slowly that time is passing by but not time in the sense of the passing of the hands on a clock, but time in the sense that the opportunity for growth is surely or slowly coming to an end.  Do you understand?

Questioner:  Yes.

The Council:  So it begins to think much more about what it is doing, what it has done, and what it possibly will do.  There is a greater degree of thinking before acting, consequently, there is less awareness of time in the sense that it is not concentrating, the soul is not concentrating so strongly on material activities, yet an individual may still be very active.  Do you understand?

Questioner:  Yes.

The Council:  But it is where the focus of attention really is seated that determines that.  It is not a good example but it is the simplest that can be given so that there is some understanding.  This change from the constant physical preoccupation to a more thinking preoccupation is a gradual growth process with most individuals, and it comes about in such a way so there is not really a conscious awareness.  It is, how shall we put it, a matter of evolvement, wherein the entity or the individual still lives a full life, yet it is not fully centered on that living.  It begins to prepare for a period of reflection.

Each of us is TRULY a universe unto ourselves. Yes, it is also true that for our spiritual growth we need all of the other souls who share our universe while at the same time living within their own. Interaction with others is necessary if we are to gain our rightful position in the spiritual realms.

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Illusion of Time

I will warn you before you begin reading that this is a very involved concept that The Council is expressing here. There is much to mull over. Even though it is a very long and involved posting I urge you to read to the end. The most important part of the article is at the finish but the earlier portion prepares us for The Council’s final thoughts. In those final thoughts The Council expresses the one factor that brings spiritual growth to every living soul on the earth today.

Frequently, The Council gives an opening statement at the beginning of each Trance. This information on time came in the middle of such an opening statement.

The Council: So, you see, all the worry of time and dates and things that will occur is really a waste of energy because you will observe and experience time in one fashion, where another will observe and experience it in another fashion, so that it is quite possible you may undergo things that are destined to happen while the other person will have no awareness that such things are transpiring. Ultimately, the destruction of all the material manifestation will come in the experiences of each individual entity, and not really as all of you think it will occur, as a worldwide experience; it will be a universal soul experience, but then each of you are a world of your own; each of you are a universe of your own, and each of you are creating your tomorrows, in cooperation with each other and yet individually; so as your world comes to an end, another's world may have eons of time yet to continue. Do you understand the concept we are trying to give you?

Questioner: Yeah, I think I do, but it is really quite radical though, it seems to me that there is enough uniformity of experience with people to reach a consensus of what is generally happening.

The Council: Yes, but as you participate at this time, you are observing other individuals around you and their reaction; you are hearing what we have to say to you, and it is your world. Do you understand?

Questioner: Yes, I understand.

The Council: But the person next to you may not really be participating in your world as totally as they are participating in their own. The problem with attempting to convey reality to all of you is that it may be confused with other philosophies or thoughts or concepts that are far from accurate and far from productive, far from being productive; so we must choose our words carefully so that they are not compared with what else is available; yet even as each of you are experiencing your own world, your own universe, you are all very tightly joined together in a spiritual sense, where the true reality lies and is. Each of you are accommodating one another so that you may experience what is necessary to experience for your own soul growth or destruction, depending on your choice; while at the same time an identical situation exists with another, with each and every entity that is now manifesting in the material. The concept is not radical, by any means; the radical concept lies in not only your concept of time and existence but the concept of time and existence of each of you in this room. It is your observance of time and the material that is radical, because you have isolated or channeled your expressions in such a narrow avenue that it meets restrictions, that it meets resistances; and in the meeting of the restrictions and the resistances those energies solidify or slow down and in the process of slowing down, solidify in their individual elements according to the construction or composition of the energy, thus creating the material; the material does not really exist; only in the mind of your soul does it exist; only in the thoughts of you as an entity does the material exist; and yet it is through these thoughts that you will educate yourself, grow, and liberate yourself from your own self so that you may be more glorified in the eyes of your Lord, and in so doing then you glorify Him. Does that make sense to you?

Questioner: Yes, I think it does. It almost sounds as if the material and matter is sort of the end product of wrong thinking; then our job is not really to escape reincarnation but actually change the world back into energy. Am I on the right track at all?

The Council: No, far from the right track. You cannot escape anything; you cannot escape reincarnation; you cannot take energy and turn it into whatever. You are entrapped in your own makings, your own tapestry, you have woven a picture that you must complete. It is immaterial whether you exist or you are experiencing what you are experiencing now because of a restriction or a resistance to the Divine Flow, basically it is immaterial that you are aware of that. Having that awareness does not make it easier in dealing with your situation; what makes it easier in dealing with your situation, what makes the correction so that it is not necessary for you to limit yourself by the material manifestation is the character that you build while you are entrapped in the material manifestation, and the seed of that character which you must build must be the love that you have for one another, the concern that you have for one another, without any consideration for what you may gain from your concern for each other. Do you understand now?

Questioner: Yes, I understand. It appears that we really shouldn't worry too much about how things work, and just concentrate on love.

The Council: It is an old story. It is an old story, and it is worn, worn by eons of time, and man has chosen not to accept the simple truth. He has chosen not to accept the simple truth, yet the more he avoids the only step forward, the more it will confront him, until such time that he has made the absolute decision that he will not accept that step, that attitude. When that decision is made, then he has decided that he will cease to exist. It is that simple. God can give you your birth in life, in spiritual life, but only you can bring a death to that life, that spiritual life; you can develop it and form it in any way you choose either in an area that will be beneficial to you, in a way that will bring more life to you or in a manner that will deplete you of that life. All the great philosophies of mankind from the very beginning, from the very beginning, have had at its seed the one truth that is universal, and that is you must learn to live with one another in brotherly love. If you refuse to accept that and put it into action, you will find it necessary to be confronted with that time and time again, until that point, until that experience, when you say an absolute no to that. When you have made that final choice, then it is over for you, you will have chosen yourself out of complete existence.

Editors Note: The Council made the comment that it is difficult to convey to us how reality actually works in that their descriptions might be confused with other inaccurate philosophies. For example, there is a philosophy in the metaphysical world that each individual is living in their own universe and that everyone we meet are here to help us progress. Unfortunately, the problem with this type of philosophy is that you tend to look at everyone else as a puppet in your own play to be used as you wish. This is a very dangerous philosophy that can lead one to very selfish attitudes. Even though The Council states that each of us are a universe of our own and that we are creating our tomorrows, individually and in cooperation with each other, The Council is not saying that the philosophy that we live in our own universe is correct. Far from it. They are saying that our universe interacts intimately with everyone else’s so that we can cooperatively create all our tomorrows. There is a leeway in the way that we experience time so that we can interact with others in a way that what needs to be done can be done, if we choose that.

The important message that The Council is giving us is in the last paragraph. It is not important that we understand how time and reality works. What is important is that we learn “to live with one another in brotherly love.” That is how we will create a tomorrow that will bring us to perfection. 

If you want a further challenge, see our blog posting on The Council’s discussion of Einstein’s theory of relativity and how it relates directly to our observation of time. Please do not be alarmed if you do not grasp these concepts on the first or even second reading. These concepts are as difficult to understand as anything that The Council presented in the four decades that they spoke to us.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Animal Heaven

In this bit of information from The Council they explain where the life force or essence of an animal goes after it dies. They also give us insight into how our love for an animal gives it a special status when it passes on. I am sure that many of you have great affection for those animals that share your life. It is comforting to know that the relationship can continue beyond the physical manifestation. Below The Council explains. Since this piece of information is longer than most of my postings. I have the beginning portion here and for those who wish to read the entire section I have provided a link below.

Questioner: I do have a question that was brought to my mind about the animal consciousness. Where does that go when the animal expires?
The Council: Well, in most cases if the animal does not have a true love, you know, say a master who is deeply fond of that animal, it goes back to, shall we say, (we must be careful now, in wording this, because it could be made into something that does not exist) but it goes back into, shall we say, a stockpile wherein that energy or that force of life then can come back and replenish the earth and mankind, you see. But those animals that have found a place in man's heart then can be sustained, so to speak. So that as you find fondness with whatever manner of pet, regardless of what it is then your love sustains that and gives it a more permanent and, shall we say, a more personalized consciousness. Do you understand?
Questioner: Well, when everything is said and done, what will this group animal consciousness become a part of? Will it go back to the Godhead?

The Council: Well, to carry it to a point where you might have, shall we say, a different point of perspective, that consciousness or that energy that manifests as a form of animal was your original creative area to work in, if you will recall what we gave you some time ago as to the very beginning. Now, that is, shall we say, your sustenance for the material manifestation. As you grow and you begin to realize that all living things are a part of God and that man has a direct responsibility to all those things, then you do in your own way create, shall we say, a purpose for that animal to exist. Now, a pet, for example, adds to your avenue of expressing love, also gives you the opportunity to be a proper caretaker of that animal, you see, and in so doing then as the time for that animal to pass on comes, if you have truly been a guardian to that animal, then you, shall we say, individualize that part of that consciousness so that it can remain isolated from the rest of that conscious area. Do you understand this?

Now, all those who choose to so such things, then have that part of their being or part of their sphere of existence as long as they wish it. In other words, suppose you were to go into another state of existence or into another conscious state, which we refer to as death, if you have loved a horse, then when you get there that horse would be as real as in the material and as real as you, because you have given it, shall we say, a form of life through that love that you had had for it. Do you understand that?

Now, for as long as you wish, that will be there. If at sometime you choose not to have that exist anymore, then that conscious part goes back into this, shall we say, lump of consciousness. In the final period when the material manifestation is no longer necessary then all those who have loved their animals whether they be the barnyard or the household pet, they will maintain or can maintain that segment of that consciousness for as long as they choose, but that segment that has not had that love expressed then will go back to the Godhead itself.

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