Saturday, February 26, 2022

How The Council knows all that there is

 How The Council knows all that there is.

In this interest Q and A with William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, gives us insight into their existence.

The Council: This should offer an opportunity to give some explanation as to how we know all that there is to know. Those of a higher spiritual development can always extend themselves down to those of a lower spiritual development. Those of a lower spiritual development can never raise their spirituality or their vibrations up to the higher. It is only by the higher reaching to the lower that the lower can climb, can be raised up. In being able to render information to you that helps in your spiritual development, every breath that you take, every thought that you think, every motion that you make is left in eternity. There is a mark. There is a stamp. There is an expression. And, shall we say, it is like opening a book and watching the story unfold. With less than a wink of an eye we can cover everything that you have ever experienced in all your incarnations, because the information then becomes a part of our very awareness, our own knowledge. Just as when the time comes that you rise up to our development, you will experience the same thing. This awareness is not reserved for just a few. This awareness is the rightful ability of each and every creation of God, if one chooses to achieve it. Although at times we may say, "we see here," or at times we may even refer to looking at the book, there is in reality no book. There is nothing for us to see, but it is a knowing. It is an existence of complete creativity, complete awareness, complete joy, complete love, almost complete godliness which we hope to achieve soon. It is an existence that very, very few in the physical have any awareness of. But it is every [bit as] much a living existence as the existence you have. It is much more full of life than any of you can ever dream of.

Wednesday, February 9, 2022


This particular quote from William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, occurred many years ago, so there has been a stretching of time for the present. Those of us who desire spiritual growth should continue to be as loving and caring as we possibly can.

Questioner: He asked if you can give us an approximate date or time of Armageddon?

The   Council: That is somewhat of a sneaky way of extracting information. Since he is going to classify that as business and since in fact that is a very important aspect of what is going on here, although we cannot give you anything exact, we can give you possibilities. Armageddon could be within five years. Now we said it could be within five years. Then again it could be five hundred years. That we must add, but we would suggest that you all take a look at what is going on around you and we are sure that in your own conscious awareness of the situation you will begin to see that five hundred years is somewhat of a ridiculous figure. Again we state it could be within five years. We can say this, the time is very short. And that is why we are here now. We must help establish a place for those who are the children of God so that they will have a place of refuge. You are not playing games with some lowly entity in an area that is just above the earthbound planes. The sooner all of you begin to realize you are dealing with the highest possible source of information other than the Godhead and His Son, the sooner you realize that, the more you will begin to move. Now we do not want to cause any fear in any of you, when we say it could be as soon as five years. Many things must transpire between now and Armageddon, but those things can come quickly or they can come slowly depending on the consciousness of the world in general. As it is, it will come very quickly. Let us hope that raising the consciousness even if it is just a few here and there, time can be stretched so that there will be more who will have the opportunity to reach their at-one-ment or the desire to reach their at-one-ment. The desire to accept the Love of their Creator without question.