Tuesday, November 16, 2021

A Prayerful Life

 William LePar talks about developing a prayerful life. 

 All actions that are necessary within the family should first be born in prayer. That does not mean we spend all day praying, but if you simply ask for guidance, very quickly and simply, in a split second that a thought takes, to act in God’s will, in whatever situation you find yourself. We are all creatures of habit, so, to get into a better relationship with God, make it a habit of saying quick little prayers. All you have to do is make a simple thought statement such as, “Lord guide me. Lord let me do your will in this situation.” It takes time to say those words verbally, but it takes a split second to think of that request. This is what is called a prayerful life. So, when you leave the house whether it is for work or for some activity, simply think, “Lord, let this be an opportunity for your will and your glory.” What you have done is make every action in your life an action of prayer. It is very easy to have a prayerful life if you want it.

All of us have a point that decides whether we are with God or away from God. We all have that pivotal point or breaking point. That point can either be used to bring us closer to God or drive us away from God. Since habit is part of our being, why not turn that into something constructive as much as we can. Getting into the habit of living prayerful life is one of the ways to take that habit or that weakness, that part of our being, and make it a productive situation. Admittedly, at first, you are going to have to put out some effort to think to do that. After a while, you won’t be thinking, “I have to do that,” because you will be thinking, “It is what I want to do.” Each time you do that you chisel away a little of the exterior granite that you built up around you. You polish that exterior just a little more so that it becomes transparent and in that, God is more likely to flow through you and shine through you. So, a habit that can be used to our detriment can easily be turned around and used for our growth.

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Monday, November 1, 2021

Conquering Fear

 Conquering Fear 

Fear has many forms and there are many reasons why it is a factor in life. William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, addresses this problem.

Questioner:  When fear blocks the life plan or seems to be preventing one from completing it, what purpose does that have and how does one conquer that?

The Council:  Fear, fear, fear. Man's stumbling block. Why should there be fear? What should you fear? If you believe, truly believe, that nothing ends, nothing is destroyed, only change takes place, fear should not be a part of human nature. It should not be part and certainly is not part of the spiritual soul. Fear is an element or a by-product of the emotions. It is the lack of security, regardless of the circumstances, it is the lack of security. Most fear originally starts, again, with the initial cause and that is a lack of self-love. Those who have gone to war, let us give you an example, who have volunteered in wars, within their being, whether they would admit it verbally or not, they accepted the possibility that they may not return. This naturally brings into those individuals an element of fear. Yet some of those individuals bravely go ahead and march into battle. Why? What is the difference? Why does fear cripple one individual and yet the other individual brings a nobility to them? They use that fear as a stimulus to give them the courage to go forth. Fear can be a useful product or a useful source of energy if one knows how to use it, and that is allow it to realize that it is not real and that there is nothing to fear for there is no ending to anything only change.

Many times, people have great fear in their life. Why? In some cases it is a manifestation of the ego. It is a way of, how shall we put it, an individual who appears to have it all or to know it all or to be all, yet within that individual there is an emptiness, a knowing that it is nothing but a facade. These individuals have great fear because they realize that it is the ego and nothing else. Fear should never cripple an individual. Fear should be used to caution the individual, to cause the individual to reflect upon what the source of the fear is. If one has a fear of losing their life because of an accident or what other possibilities may bring such a situation about, the individual must begin to realize that at very worst they were to lose their life that is the very least because there is no such thing as losing your life. It is simply a matter of change. If we were to take that even a step further, as could be in some cases, if the loss of life did occur, in some odd way it may be beneficial in that the individual would not incur more karma. Of course, that is not always the case.

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