Saturday, December 2, 2023

Christmas Message

The Council:  As to the time of year that is approaching, the time of Advent. All men should take this time to prepare for the Coming of the Divine Saviour.  All men should prepare to accept the Promise of their Father in Heaven. At the time of Advent it is generally the custom of some religions to have what is called an Advent Wreath, and with the proper attitude toward such things this can be of a spiritual uplifting and a preparation for each and every entity at a soul level to better appreciate the Love of the Divine Father.  In most cases the accepted Advent Wreath is a wreath made out of wheat straw, with the candles of white, red, and purple.  Since man is limited in his ability to understand the Divine, the Divine often speaks to him in symbolism, and man's understanding of these symbolisms only gives him some minute awareness of the Divinity that lies beyond.  Since not all men are blessed with Beatific Vision, those that are not must rely on thoughts and symbolisms.  The wheat straw that is used to make up the ring or the wreath symbolizes the fruits of the earth, the circle symbolizing the eternity.  Those fruits that man develops or earns or that are his rewards are for an eternity, not everlasting, but an eternity.

The purple candle that is often used represents the royalty that comes into the world at this time of the year, and the light, of course, atop the purple column is significant of the Light of Jesus Christ.  The purple column being His Royalty, His Reign, His Kingdom. The red candle represents the Passion and Blood that was shed. Blood and Passion, the control of the physical.  The control to such a degree that a soul can either accept the best in life if it is given to him, or he can accept the worst in life if it is given to him.  The Divine Father has given him the strength to overcome all the injustices that may be inflicted upon him. The Divine Father has given him the inner strength to see beyond those physical injustices or those physical pains to come to a greater realizing that those may be as a lesson to others and not to the entity themselves, and so the Divine Jesus Christ did suffer as an example to the extent which man himself should have faith in the Lord God.  Of course, the red again is topped by the flame that symbolizes the Light of Christ.  Many people have great fear of the symbolism of the blood and the sacrifice, and this is a weakness within them, and this is a weakness that they must learn to overcome.  When one is willing to endure their situation whether it be pleasant or unpleasant, when they are willing to make the best of that situation, they are showing the faith that they have in the Love of their Divine Father.  For they accept such things that they cannot correct, because they know that the Divine Father has a use for such an example.  In most cases it is to show the inner strength that man should have in his Divine Creator, the inner faith that man should have in his Divine Creator, the inner love and knowing that man should have in his Divine Creator in that this Divine Creator would not inflict pain or sorrow on any of His creations needlessly or even that He would do such a thing; and in this then some entities do choose to undergo hardships as an example of their love and faith in the Divine Father.  So the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ should never bring fear into the hearts of man, nor should it only indicate sacrifice and sorrow.  What it should indicate is the divine trust man should have in his Creating Father, and the divine love that he has, and the divine faith. The white candle represents the totality of Jesus Christ; the column, the foundation and the Light, purest of the pure. When man chooses to honor the season or to prepare himself spiritually and mentally for the Coming of the Messiah, oftentimes he does this by exhibiting an Advent Wreath and with this understanding of some of the symbolisms of the Advent Wreath, we hope that those who choose to prepare themselves in this manner will have a greater awareness and a touching in with the Divine.

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Monday, November 6, 2023

Thoughts about the World on All Saints Day

Here is some insight from the deep catatonic trances of William Allen LePar. It can be extremely beneficial for anyone who seeks a truly successful life. Not a material life, which always comes to an end. But a spiritual life, which does not end, and the quality of the tomorrows beyond is determined by all our choices and efforts today.

On the day this is being written for the realms of electronic sharing (still pretty mysterious to some of us old guys), the state of Ohio, USA, is less than a week away from voting on two issues of profound importance. Regardless of which way the vote goes on these issues, each individual still has the responsibility for his or her own choices and actions as our physical lives continue, creating our forever tomorrows. (If you believe that your upcoming physical demise is the end of it all, well, to quote the Wizard of Oz: “As for you, my fine friend, you’re a victim of disorganized thinking.”)

Today is November 1, known in the Christian world as All Saints Day. Maybe other spiritual belief systems have a similar observance, and maybe such events somehow touch the higher awareness that we all possess. It is an awareness that still flows from our true, original nature as divine beings from The Divine Source. That is, if we are not deliberately ignoring our spiritual nature or we are the victims of disorganized thinking.

We will focus on just one of those two issues being presented for approval or disapproval by the citizens of Ohio, USA, on election day next Tuesday. It has already found approval in almost half of the American states and in so many other locations around the world:

the legalization of “recreational” marijuana.

In 1977, William Allen LePar was still struggling to understand the growing chaos in the world around him. He was also struggling with the best approach to unveil to that world the incredible, seemingly intrusive, event that had turned his personal life inside out – the advent of the deep trance phenomenon. He did not consciously choose that new life, but that “higher awareness” of his had other plans.

Obviously, LePar was never able to personally, consciously, converse with the spiritual source that utilized his physical form to speak with mankind, the source we know simply as “The Council.” So he had to have others ask questions for him.

The following quote is from 1977, when LePar had another ask this question. The answer addresses a lot more than marijuana, but that issue is what compelled us to “blog” on this day, All Saints Day. It would be wise if every bit of this answer is thoroughly considered in relationship to every individual’s daily choices.

Questioner: "Can you give us an answer as to why there is such an increase in drug use, the lack of morals, and is there a relationship between this and the rock music, and what will be the eventual outcome pertaining to the young people of the world?"

The Council: "There is most assuredly a definite relationship between the drug culture, the lack of morality, whether it be the social injustices or the physical immoralities that exist, the rock music, these all are related in the respect that this is the last big front that is being moved ahead for those who have turned away from the Divine Light of God. In their desire to recruit new soldiers, they use all diverse means to tantalize and tease the physical. But this is a battle that has been going on for man since the very beginning of Creation and then, too, a great upsurge of this in Lemuria, then Atlantis, and now in this time.

"The most direct link with the past would be that of the continent of Atlantis where in their final days between the good and evil that existed there was a great use of drugs, music similar to that of the rock music of today. That music was more of a form of music that would be electronically reproduced as opposed to actual, the percussion and wind instruments, although they were used at that time. That music was used to stir the vibrations of the most base desires in an individual and so it does its job today too as it did then.

"The drugs, of course, no explanation is needed in that. How it destroys the free will, and the knowing of right and wrong. It is a lazy man's way to spirituality and little does he know that it leads only to the pits of darkness and not to the higher consciousness. Oh, there are some glimpses of expanded consciousness with the drugs, but these are only false hallucinations. These if anything are the combined negativity touching a little bit of the truth only to entice the individual or group of individuals even into less godly states. One must remember negativity is as cunning and as deceitful as one can imagine and even more so. And it is quite that and quite probable that negativity does expand a consciousness to a certain degree only to entice it to fall further, to entice others to become part of it.

"As the final days approach, naturally more and more of these devices will be used, so that truly the wheat can be sifted from the chaff. So that the winnower will have the grain cleaned. And as time goes by you will see an even greater division between those that live a moral life and those who live a physical life."

That is the end of the quote. Pretty powerful, don’t you think? And thinking – reorganized thinking -- is something we all need to do if we want to succeed spiritually. As LePar once said in his commentaries on what he defined as “the most metaphysical book of the Bible” (the Gospel of John): “You are obligated to seek out the truth.”

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Where was Mu?

 Where was Mu?

In this attempt to learn about the shape and location of several previous civilizations our questioner gets an explanation from William LePar’s spiritual source as to why this is not an easy task. We also learn about the changing dynamics of the ancient world.

Questioner:  I have attempted to make some maps of Mu, Lemuria, and Atlantis, and I will confess that there was a lot of guesswork involved in trying to make these charts, and I would like to ask a few questions.  In my first map, I found that the shape of Mu was strictly a guess.

The Council:  It would be virtually impossible to be able to make replicas of those continents, because you are not dealing with the same poles as you have now, and also, we really hate to say this, your earth was not quite the same shape that it is now.  Now please, do not get too excited with that statement.  Simply explained, as masses cool and are spun, there are changes that take place.  Your earth was, shall we say, not quite as ball shaped as it is now.  It was a slight bit flatter because of the greater, how shall we put it, liquidness of its inner being and as time goes by, this begins to solidify and does not hold its flatter shape but because of the mass, solidified mass, it begins to disperse more evenly and in a more circular ball shape, so the actual positions are not important.  An effort, even crude, from our descriptions would suffice.  Also, even if you could specifically pinpoint those continents, they were in a state of motion that is far greater than the motion of your continents or plates today, consequently, they were ever changing even to a greater degree.  Instead of moving feet per year, you are talking of miles per year, so you see, it is quite a different situation, so although your drawings may be accurate for one time period, in a very short period of time they become inaccurate.  

Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Universal Being Conference - Oct. 14. North Canton, Ohio

 Universal Being Conference - Oct. 14. North Canton, Ohio

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Monday, October 2, 2023

Our Relationship to our Creator

A quote from William LePar's spiritual source, The Council.

 The Council: At first, it might be advisable to ask yourself what kind of relationship do you want and do you expect with your Creator. The closer you are to your Creator, the more intimate a relationship you have with Him and the more subtle it is, the more you are apt to view others as part of your own family. You begin to develop a greater relationship with your God by developing a greater sensitivity to those around you. In this process then you become plagued with many questions, many concerns, many crossroads of "Well, is this right or is that right? Should I do this or should I not do that?" And at times, it takes a great deal of effort and honesty to look beyond just the simple question, "Is this right? or is that wrong?" and see what it truly serves.


Right and wrong. There are definite rights and wrongs, let us put it this way, but you become more aware of those rights and wrongs in relationship to your understanding of them and regardless of how you may consciously be aware of what is right and what is wrong, it is still that inner understanding, and that inner understanding then is increased as the relationship between you and God increases. The greatest bridge between you and your actual Infinite Father is Christ. The attitudes that Jesus demonstrated should be attitudes that you make an honest or an earnest effort in achieving or developing. To have too great of an expectation for yourself, in other words having the attitude of "I will be able to do this and I will be able to do that and I will do this and I will do that" sometimes is a sign of egotism, which is a horrendous stumbling block in all spiritual growth. The attitude is that I will try, but if I fail, I will get up and try again because success in spirituality is determined by two things and that is, when one fails, he gets back up and starts over again, and that he is willing to realize that in some areas his true success and true accomplishment lies in always being able to get back up and start over again. To be truthful to yourself is important, to realize that there are things that you will be able to accomplish, but there are things that you will not be able to accomplish. Be willing to subdue the destructive, self-serving ego and many times this is hidden in self-righteous attitudes that individuals show. Subdue that, control it, and allow the more productive self-esteem to come to the surface and govern your life, self-respect. So if you can control the ego and allow the self-esteem, the self-respect, to come to the surface, to be willing to accept that when you fall in an effort, you must pick yourself back up and start over or start from wherever point you are. Those are the two elements of true spiritual growth. To give you a simple line of direction to follow is not our right to do. We have given you guidelines.

Monday, September 18, 2023

Humankinds Entry into the Earth Plain – Part 3

In the last part of this three-part presentation William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council finishes this discussion by given us more information about humankind’s early involvement in the earth plane in the lost continent of Mu and in other areas of the planet.

Questioner:  I am thinking back to when we first started, I guess I am looking at it from our terms, that Mu was a very good place, or the people in it were good and it slowly got corrupted.  At the same time though these other souls came in, eventually they were better off because they chose to go in small groups in different areas and work with a smaller amount of souls to return home.

The Council:  Basically, that is what transpired.  Now, you must remember that Mu may have been a better place for that degree of material density; now this is an element that must be taken into consideration; it may have been of a higher quality of spiritualness to the degree of material density, but that does not mean that it was truly a high degree of spirituality; for the decline in the spiritual state to the very dense material state in Mu was very quick, even unto your understanding of time.  Those souls who populated areas here and there around the land masses at the same time, populated them in the sense of small groups, did not become as dense, since they at least had the foresight of seeing the possible decline or loss that could transpire in the large migrations.  Do you understand?

Questioner:  Yes.

The Council:  Now that is not to say all those who separated themselves wiped the slate clean.  It is quite evident from your own history that this was not the case.

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Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Humankinds Entry into the Earth Plain – Part 2

 Humankinds Entry into the Earth Plain – Part 2

The questioner from our previous posting followed up that question by asking William LePar’s spiritual source for more information about souls that chose to locate in areas that were more isolated than most who entered our earth plane.

Questioner:  So, there were other things that souls saw of value or things that they could use for their own benefit in other places that seemed more appealing to them than what was available at Mu?

The Council:  Most assuredly, most assuredly.  Here may be a key for you in understanding why some souls would isolate themselves from the mainstream.  There have been some souls who first became infatuated with the material manifestation during that particular time when it was not nearly as dense as it is today and learned their lesson with, shall we say, one or two activities or experiences and achieve the correction and therefore did not have a need to re-enter the material manifestation.  Those souls usually paired together or moved together as a group; paired not in the sense of two.  Do you understand?

Questioner:  Yes.

The Council:   And those souls, of course, by their activity showing that they were somewhat more attuned spiritually, wiser spiritually, had the foresight to keep a distance from the main body and thus they entered in fragmented areas or isolated areas of the material continents at that time; did what was necessary to overcome their condition and moved out of the material manifestation on a permanent basis.  They saw the possibility of being further corrupted by joining in the mass migration in areas like Mu.

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Friday, August 18, 2023

Humankinds Entry into the Earth Plain – Part 1

The next three presentations will discuss humankinds first experiences in the earth plane in a place know as Mu. William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, will give us some details about those early days.

Questioner:   Our first question is, Did man enter into the physical on any other land mass other than Mu, and if so, why in other places?

The Council:   Most assuredly, souls did enter into the earth plane or the material manifestation on other land masses.  Now, the concentration of souls, mind you, the concentration of souls was in the land of Mu.  Very well.

Questioner:  If they did come into other places, other land masses on the face of the earth, and Mu was the power at the time, why did they come in, was it their choosing or was it their place to start from some problems or lack of problems they had to pass on where they came in?

The Council:  Remember the element of free will?

Questioner:  Yes.

The Council:  Very well.  As souls begin to utilize the solidness of the material manifestation and its potential, many souls agreed to be active in a particular area because of their relationship with the other souls.  Now, it was not predestined that Mu should be the first center of physical activity.  Since the element of free will is always the first principle in your activities and in your growth, then others chose to enter in at other places, either because they had a relationship with souls, other souls, and chose to be a community unto their own, or for whatever reason. It would hardly seem natural, don't you think, that all souls would be in such agreement as to only utilize a small portion of the earth at that time?

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Thursday, July 27, 2023

Cloning in Prehistory

 Cloning in Prehistory 

In this quote from William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, they give us insight in the cloning ability of early civilizations. These civilizations in most cases predate recorded civilization. They are Mu, Lemuria and Atlantis with Mu being the earliest. Each suffered natural catastrophes which destroyed those civilizations.

The Council:  To give some idea of how such things were accomplished, we would have to go back to the very beginning when there existed the ability with each individual, each being, to manipulate through the soul power, through the processes of the mind.  In other words, the gifts of the soul or gifts of the spirit, would work through the process of the mind and in the very beginning then such games as controlling the development of the animals through the mental activities, actually through the soul activity, that would be funneled then through the mental activities of the semi-solid being or man.  As these activities increased then the semi-solid being or man began to, shall we say, solidify to a greater degree.  Now, this gives you a better understanding of the description we gave you of the beginning time, man's proper function and man's improper function in the physical plane.  At that time then man was able to produce things simply through the mind. As he began to become more gross, then it was necessary to function this production or productive facet through grosser extensions of the mind, thus the need for mechanical devices came about.  

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Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Humankind and the Animal Kingdom

William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, discusses man’s relationship to the animal kingdom.

Questioner:  Did man actually descend as Darwinism claims up through the lower animals through ape into man?

The Council:  Not as such, no.

Questioner:  Then there is no missing link that they talk about?

The Council:  No.  But man has developed from a crude individual to a refined individual many times.  But as far as there actually being a relationship to an animal, no.  And this is where those who search out such things have missed, shall we say, the boat.  Because if they were to dig deep enough and in the right places, they would find many, many beings that have been developed more or less than what man is now.  And this can be, of course, determined by the structure of the body, you see, and by the cavity of the head, you see.  So, there has not been just a single progress of man, but there have been many going on at the same time in different parts of the world at the same time, and there has been many times when man has raised up to an even greater place than what he is now, only to have abused that higher position and fall to what one would almost term an animal. 

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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Groups of Souls Work together over Many Lifetimes

 Groups of Souls Work together over Many Lifetimes

We are including this question and answer from William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, because it tells something about the group that worked with The Council through the years that Mr. LePar channeled them. It also shows how groups that work together throughout many incarnations can have difficulties but still come together in other lifetimes to work as a unit on a project that unites them.

Questioner:  Could you tell me where I knew this group before or members of this group before?

The Council:  The most closely area that you would be able to relate to is, shall we say, in three periods of Atlantis, in the very earliest period and then in the second period which was immediately preceding the first big disturbance and then in the final days.  That was the original meeting, shall we say, in this time with this group. Basically, you have all worked together in dealing with the advancement of spirituality, each of you taking, shall we say, side trips into your own pitfalls of darkness but always returning to the original, shall we say, group.

Questioner:  What did we do wrong during these times or what did we do right?

The Council:  We would prefer to deal with what was done wrong more than what was done right. Instead of keeping together as a family each decided to break away and venture out, you see. Instead of contributing to all as a unit, each of you in your own time have allowed your own personal selfishness to override what you know is best and deal with your own flirtations, shall we say. We cannot see where there was great damage done to the group because the final outcome has been this, which is a constructive outcome. But we can also see here in the records that much of what was, shall we say, done was totally unnecessary and brought more conflict and dissension in the group than what was required, you see.

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Saturday, May 20, 2023

Those Who are Truly Spiritual

This is a very strong statement from William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, concerning those who are truly spiritual.

The Council:  You must believe that God loves you so intently that regardless of the situation He will deliver you, He will bring you up, so He has made it as simple as is possible.  All you must do is accept His Love in the way He chooses to give it to you, and to accept this without question is the ultimate situation or the ultimate existence in the physical.  From that point on you have shed the material and are then in the spiritual.

Questioner:  You mean after we leave the physical?

The Council:  Yes.  We will give you a piece of information that will not go well with many, but nevertheless it happens to be the truth.  Those who have never heard of anything spiritual other than a simple understanding of God manage to leave the material permanently in greater numbers than the, shall we say, "spiritually evolved," or those who are intellectually involved in spiritual things.

Questioner:  I'm afraid I didn't quite understand that.

The Council:  What we have simply said is that those that are normally looked down upon as not knowing the truth or not knowing their real existence are the ones that most generally leave the material on a permanent basis than those who are spouting a lot of intellectual poppy-cock.  Now, this is in reference to spiritual matters. 

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Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Angels Part 5

The Council has stated on a number of occasions that God created all of us and all angels at the same time. In this next interchange between a questioner and William LePar’s spiritual source they paint a picture of how all were created.

You stated, "if at that moment of creation, if we could talk in terms of time, if we could talk in terms of this happening as a chain of events, then to be most accurate we would have to say that the Divine Essence first created the souls of man and through these souls the angels were created."  And we ask that you clarify the phrase "through the souls of men" or "through these souls."

The Council:  Basically, what we were trying to convey at that time is in the state of creation, there is no such thing as 1-2-3 but all exists instantaneously and yet again, as we have said before, there is no such thing as true instantaneous action or activity.  What we meant that through these souls which we were referring to you as small gods, basically what we tried to convey there was that because of your state of existence you were given additional avenues of bringing glories to yourself and to the Divine Maker through your activities.  Part of these activities then would necessitate the involvement of angels, God-made angels or Divinely created angels. Does that answer it more clearly?

Question:  Yes, I think so.

The Council:  In other words, if you could look at it as a - Do you understand the term "exploded view"?

Questioner:  Yes.

The Council:  Very well.  Picture the Divine Source thrusting out an energy force, and as that extends - now listen to our words - as that force extends from the Divine Source it forms what you understand as mankind or each of you as souls, extending that force then even further to further accomplish beauty, love, creation, from that force extended another force that would assist the first force in its creative activities.  So, you have one force passing through another force, yet they are connected.  Do you understand?

Questioner:  Yes, I can see the picture.

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Angels Part 4

 In this particular quote from William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, they give us some insight into the angels that God created and their purpose.

Thus, when you were made, He commanded His angels that they should serve you just as they serve Him. Now again, you will have to think in terms of consciousness. We use "spirits" but we are not talking about spirits as you would normally consider. These are living forces, living energies. These are spiritual electricities. You, you are a spiritual electricity. An angel is a spiritual electricity. God is the Awe-Inspiring, the Totality of all of the spiritual electricity, you see, and as God created those beings to serve Him, He also created them to serve and adore you, and it was their choice, some, that they should not; but since you are made in the likeness and image of God, you, He felt, should have servants or what have you just as He did.  You should have adoration just as He did.

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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Angels Part 3

This is what seems to be a very basic question from William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, but the answer presents much of interest. They explain why God created us.

Questioner:  Why were entities created?

The Council:  The magnificence of God is beyond human understanding and the enjoyment of God by Himself or His own enjoyment of His unexplainable existence, was so great that He found a need to share it, and so in this need His Love was born and in the outcoming of this birth then He created you.  Now we use the word "need" and we do not mean it in the sense that God was lacking of something, but you can be so overjoyed, so overwhelmed, that to express this completeness, this total fulfillment, you feel that you must express it in an extension of yourself so that here again you may share in another enjoyment, in another expression, or another uplifting, or in another facet of perception, you see.  So, because of His Total Love, then, and the desire to even magnify that greater, He created you as a spirit or an entity and in hopes that you then would enjoy this exploration and that through you, His Joy might become even greater, and, thus, He shares even greater with you, so it becomes an unending existence in a conscious state or a conscious elevation of complete and unexplainable sharing and love.  So, it becomes a setting up of tremendous vibrations which if could be experienced in the physical world, it would completely shatter the entire universe.  The power of such Joy, of such a Vibration, if you were to take one second and touch it into all of God's creation it would totally annihilate the entire creation.  This would give you only a small idea of its magnitude and its power.

Thursday, March 2, 2023

Angels – Part 2

This is a follow-up to the previous posting concerning angels.

Questioner:  I know there is a belief that sometime angels and I don't mean to be -- perhaps I am saying this literally -- angels appear as men, that there have been cases, one particular case where an individual was close to losing his physical life and two men appeared who had never been around that area before or after and rescued him.  And some ministers feel that these could be angels in disguise.

The Council:  We shall not make a comment on that particular situation, mind you.  This is not a comment on that particular situation; but it is true that angels can appear to man in the form of man. Now to be sure those that are viewing the angel will sense that it is a heavenly being, but this depends on, as we said, the emotional make-up and the psychological make-up of the individual. If they are in tune with Divine things, if they are religious, shall we say, then that will determine the appearance of such things, of such emissaries of God. There are some that would require seeing a man with wings, or shall we say someone that is of neuter appearance with wings, then if this were necessary to be sure the Lord God would see to it that they have such a messenger. But the angels have spiritual bodies which do not have physical form.

Saturday, February 18, 2023

Angels Part 1

 Angels Part 1

Since the last quote that was posted from William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council talked about Satan we thought that the heavenly angels should also have a few quotes.

Questioner:  Have angels appeared as many artists have depicted with the large wings?

The Council:  Spirits, the angels, have a body to be sure, but it is a spiritual body, and the only reason why artists depict angels with wings and the only reason why men at times have seen the angels with wings, it is because that is what their psychological and emotional make-up require for them to see.  If a heavenly being were to appear to you in its total grandeur, you would be scared out of your wits. So, this is toned down, shall we say, in such a way that it can be more acceptable to you.

As wise and as intelligent and as advanced and open-minded as man thinks he is, he is but a babe.  To see the glories of heaven would, shall we say, most assuredly scare the hell out of everybody in the physical.

Questioner:  Why?

The Council: Why?

Questioner:  I'd like to know what it looks like.

The Council:  Because it is so overpowering and so beautiful and so large that you could not accept it.  You would say that it is too much and you would fall in fright.  But you see the Divine loves so much that He is not going to overpower you, even in such a way, so that whenever He sends those emissaries of His to help man, He sends them in such a way that they are inspired but yet not overpowered. They still have the free choice; they still have the decision without being overpowered.  You see?

Monday, January 30, 2023


 Generally, our quotes from William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, are informative, enlightening and often inspiring. This one is informative and hopefully enlightening in a positive way. It is best if we know the enemy, as well as we, can so that we are well-armed.       

Questioner:  Could you please give me an understanding of Satan and his forces?

The Council:  Satan is the total collection of all the negativity that has ever existed, coming to a central focal point so that when it is necessary this negativity can actually manifest and develop into a form, whether it be the traditional pitchfork and red-suit or whether it be in an actual physical form.  Do not take Satan lightly.  In NO way should you be that foolish.  Satan is as real as you are, whether you look upon yourself as physical or spiritual.  As to his angels they are the individual entities who allow themselves the selfishness that create the darkness within.  Whether one thinks of Satan or his angels, be wise to know that it is real.  At this very moment if one of you were to allow themselves to be used as a channel for negativity, you could if that negativity were to desire, you could be responsible for an actual manifestation of a demon or what have you right within this room now.  Just because the light is in here does not mean that the darkness cannot be lurking by too.  So, when the Bible speaks of Satan, heed those words.  For there is a Satan; there is a Lucifer; there is a Devil.  But be wise to know too that it is the total negativity of all that there is.  This should not take away from its actual danger but should add to it. 

 Editor’s note: We will follow this quote with a series about Angels.

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Saturday, January 7, 2023

The Light of Day

 The Light of Day by Associate Denny Highben

This is being written in the morning hours of December 23, 2022, when I can see the light of day but not the sun. Here, as in much of our immediate world, we are experiencing the “cyclone bomb.” Its creation and approach had been announced for many days and now, finally, it is here.

No one should have been surprised. Whether you choose to say we were told or we were warned, it boils down to the same thing. (Ironic, don’t you think -- the use of the word “boils” when the wind chill has left “mere freezing” in the rearview mirror.)

The light of day comes through the obscurity imposed upon us by the forces of nature. It may seem weakened, but it is not; a little more focus may be required of us to understand the light, but it is there. Only dimmed by the forces of nature.

Belief, believe it or not, is a force of nature. Actually, it is the strongest force of nature. It is the primary resource, for lack of a better word, available to us in both the physical and spiritual worlds with which we must contend every moment of every day until moments and days are no more. It seems to me that is the crux, the essence, of William Allen LePar’s message: How we freely choose to use the awesome power of belief determines our tomorrows.

Through the years a lot of attention has been given to the so-called “psychic” or “spiritual” source which spoke through LePar during his extremely deep, catatonic-state trances. Simply, that source is known as The Council, a cooperative effort of souls. But it is so important to remember that, had he not chosen to be utilized in such a way, had he not believed strongly in the spiritual value of his service, he would not have done it. As The Council said in the very first trance communication preserved by SOL, they were brought forth by the spirit whose physical body they utilized to talk with the material world.

 When you think about beliefs, the mechanics of how belief works, a good source for that reflection can be found in what SOL calls “The Children’s Trance.” It is unique among all the communications because it was held specifically for the children of SOL Associates. The initial goal was to help LePar prepare for his first fully public trance, when the audience would be filled with strangers who were there primarily out of curiosity. That occurred in 1989, when SOL held The Million Word Celebration – more than a million words of dialogue with The Council had been received and preserved by then. But it turned out to be really so much more.

One child, in a child’s way of being direct, asked The Council: “Were Adam and Eve really made from dirt?”

In their answer, The Council utilized the natural process of a magnet attracting “a bunch of little metal chips around it.”  That is an excellent image for understanding the power of belief. Like those little chips of metal, what is attracted to us depends on what we believe, what we desire. Our “magnetic power,” so to speak, is the power of our spiritual essence, our divine nature. We attract elements of light to us by what we choose to believe. That process creates the presence for us to use as we move through physical life.

Those elements of light are attracted to us, become a part of us, solely on our belief in them and our desire for them. The less desire, the less belief, the less powerful the force of attraction. Free will is always maintained.

The opposite is also true. The spiritual elements of darkness, however, are another matter. Remember that what is above is below. Nature abhors a vacuum. If little or nothing exists by our choice to fill our little sphere of activity, something will occupy the vacancy. If it isn’t elements of light, by choice, something less than light begins to fill the void.

Earlier, the statement was made that belief is the strongest force of nature. Some may quickly argue (rather sanctimoniously, I might add; but then I am arguing with myself, so never mind) that love is the strongest force of nature. No. Love IS nature, our spiritual nature in its purest form. In one of the most succinct statements in The LePar/Council archives, The Council says that love is all there is. Love is everything. Anything else is something less. So, if love is really all there is, then belief must be a force, a tool, for love to use to accomplish something. But what? To go from relying on belief, the light of day sometimes obscured by forces of material nature, to achieving once again a total awareness of self and of the spiritual universes that belong to love.

Back to the explanation to the SOL children of Adam and Eve. The Council:

“Well, you could say that Adam and Eve, their soul, when they came near the earth kind of pulled a bunch of stuff towards it and it kind of made their body then, and these things that had pulled towards them were the elements of nature, but God really didn’t pick up some mud and make a body like the story tells you. What the story tries to tell you is that you are part of this earth and that you have to do the best job living that you can, so that you don’t have to be around here forever and ever and ever. Do you understand what we are saying?”

So, the sun -- our physical source of light -- may be obscured this day but the Light is still there. And it may be helpful to remember that, at this moment, our physical days are once again getting longer. The darkness is receding once again. But in the mind, in the soul, do more than remember. Believe.