Thursday, January 27, 2011

Why God Created Us

During one of our research and study group sessions one of the participants asked what would seem on the surface to be a simple question but as soon as it was asked it was apparent that the answer to a question like this could be very complex. Initially, I wondered how Mr. LePar’s psychic source, The Council, could actually answer such a question. Could they make the finite mind understand? Below is their reply.
Questioner:    Why were we entities created?
The Council:    The magnificence of God is beyond human understanding and the enjoyment of God by Himself or His own enjoyment of His unexplainable existence, was so great that He found a need to share it, and so in this need His Love was born and in the outcoming of this birth then He created you.  Now we use the word "need" and we do not mean it in the sense that God was lacking of something, but you can be so overjoyed, so overwhelmed, that to express this completeness, this total fulfillment, you feel that you must express it in an extension of yourself so that here again you may share in another enjoyment, in another expression, or another uplifting, or in another facet of perception, you see.  So because of His Total Love, then, and the desire to even magnify that greater, He created you as a spirit or an entity and in hopes that you then would enjoy this exploration and that through you, His Joy might become even greater, and, thus, He shares even greater with you, so it becomes an unending existence in a conscious state or a conscious elevation of complete and    unexplainable sharing and love.   So it becomes a setting up of tremendous vibrations which if could be experienced in the physical world, it would completely shatter the entire universe.  The power of such Joy, of such a Vibration, if you were to take one second and touch it into all of God's creation it would totally annihilate the entire creation.  This would give you only a small idea of its  magnitude and its power.
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Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Personal God?

Many years ago while in a hospital, Mr. LePar suffered a severe reaction to a drug given for a routine procedure. This lead to cardiac arrest. Mr. LePar was considered medically dead for 12 to14 minutes. Among his many experiences that occurred while he was on the other side is the following episode as he describes it.

[Editor's Note: As final editing was being concluded on “Life After Death, A New Revelation,” Mr. LePar requested the editors include one more bit of information. He wanted it at the end so it would be the last thing readers are offered.]

            “I think it might be helpful,” he explained. “I've thought about it a lot and I wanted to mention it sooner, but trying to explain it is so difficult. I still don't know if I can do it justice.”
            Here is Mr. LePar's account:

            While I was there (involved in a near death experience) taking part in what seemed to be many weeks of instruction, I asked if there really was a personal God and not just some type of energy form. The individual instructing me said yes, but I still wondered: How can that be, how can everyone created have a personal God?
The individual with me said, “You won't be able to comprehend, but I will show you a picture of how it can be.” And before me was a sphere, a three-dimensional sphere that glowed, and I knew it was as real as anything could ever be. Its surface was made of many fine, silky lines. It reminded me right away of very delicate lace. And at every point in this magnificent pattern where two lines crossed, there was a bright spot of light.
The individual instructing me called it “the Sphere of Life, the Sphere of Created Life such as you and such as they and such as all those that you are not aware of yet.”
He told me to look at the points of light. They came into greater focus, and they were indescribably beautiful.
“Each speck is a soul that has developed itself into a unique being, a speck of God that has made itself unique.”
I was confused and I asked: How was I to understand this as a personal God who knows me on an intimate basis? He reminded me that I could only be shown a picture but he told me to look closer.
From each point of light I could see a fine thread that went into the sphere, into the center that was the source that sustained the Sphere of Life. I explained what I saw and he said, “That is correct. Now, what is it?”
I replied that it was God. “Yes,” the individual said, “but you must understand that you are not permitted to see God; this is only a symbol.” I asked what the threads were, the threads that ran from the points of light into the center.
“That is the Divine's finger touching you. That finger will always touch you and in that sense God is personally with you. He is a very watchful, protective Father who will never leave His children.”
I was told to notice how all the lines connected soul to soul and that shows how we are all connected together and with God. So many lines and so many points of light, all glowing magnificently, and yet the source of life at the center was even brighter. I don't think the sheer splendor of it can ever be put into words. It was self-illuminating, a world of living light, and there were rainbow colors rippling within and reflecting from the lines that connected the souls.
All of man's most incredible achievements, all the greatest special effects spectaculars created by Hollywood, all that together doesn't even come close to comparison. And yet it was a simple sphere that appeared to be created of the most delicate lace man could imagine. This sphere was poised in the center of eternity. It symbolically represented all the individuals that God has ever created. One could not only see that it exuded life but one could also feel that life.
As I stared in wonder at the sphere, the individual who allowed me to see this beautiful image said to me, “Now you have seen how the Divine Presence is personally connected to you, is personally with you. Now I will allow you to feel His Presence as your soul feels His Presence.” All of a sudden a beautiful warming sensation enveloped my entire being. It was as though I were being cradled as a child in the arms of complete safety and security. A breath that could only be described as a breeze blew across my face, carrying a fragrance of a thousand indescribable flowers. It was the most incredible sensation you can ever begin to imagine. Think of the most beautiful, innocent, secure, joyful moment you have ever had and multiply that by ten thousand and that is just a hint. There was such an immense feeling of being wanted and being wanted just for myself, a feeling of being respected and cared for, a feeling of being perfect and capable of only perfection. There was a feeling of gentle caressing and stroking that went through my entire being, the feeling of truly being wanted for being me. The compassion and understanding that flooded my totality brought me into complete ecstasy. It was the feeling of being completely and totally loved. The feeling was so overwhelming that I moved back and forth between tears of laughter and joy. I had for the first time in all that I can remember been completely and totally loved to the very core of my soul.  Even trying to put it into words demeans the experience.
This is the God we have, the Creator we have. He is always there, loving and caring for each of us in an immeasurably vast yet intimate way. This experience is a hint of what awaits us, and a hint of what can be ours even now, in this life, if we only put forth a little effort to love ourselves and those with whom we share life. There really isn't much required of us, but, as was said before, it is the little things that are truly important.
Over the years I have heard many people try to convince others that there is no such thing as a personal God. They have attempted to relegate God to some energy field that simply exists so that we may tap into its power. Let me state here, those of you who believe such nonsense simply do not know what you are talking about. It is the ultimate of vanity and self-serving ego to hold such beliefs or concepts. If there were not a personal God to quietly sustain you through these periods of total ignorance, you would not be in existence long enough to even voice such ridiculous tripe. To those of you who have the ears and eyes of your soul taking in this information let me inform you at this point, that there is absolutely a very, very personal God. With our finite abilities we cannot comprehend a Divine Presence or Being that is so tremendous, so all-encompassing that it is of no challenge or task whatsoever to be a personal God to each and every soul in existence, a personal God in the sense that He recognizes YOU as a unique and specific individual. He recognizes YOU and the situation that you are in. He recognizes that YOU are a specific individual with your own consciousness and not just a drop of water that is lost in a sea of consciousness. He knows YOU personally and He knows YOU better than you know yourself. The most beautiful part of it all is that He accepts YOU and loves YOU just as YOU are. Is there a personal God? Absolutely yes, yes, yes.
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Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Unicorn – mythical, magical, real?

The unicorn has always been considered a mythical and magical creature with special powers, especially in the middle ages. There is a famous set of seven tapestries in the Metropolitan Museum in New York titled The Hunt for the Unicorn. They are believed to have been made in Brussels between 1495-1505.  Most of the seven are twelve feet by twelve feet in size. Each depicts a scene from the story of the hunt. These tapestries are considered to be among the finest medieval art treasures in existence today.

During our research on Atlantis one of the questioners asked whether animals such dragons, unicorns and Pegasus actually existed. In their reply Mr. LePar’s psychic source, The Council, gave detailed information about the unicorn.

Questioner:  We just have a few questions to finish up on Atlantis.  The first question was, You have confirmed before that such things as centaurs did exist before as creations of man.  Did other animals that we think of today as just being mythical such as dragons, unicorns, and Pegasus, the winged horse, also exist?

The Council:  Well, a winged horse is a bit far-fetched, wouldn't you say?  Especially, since the evolvement of the horse can be very easily documented.  Dragons, well, dragons really are in the eye of the beholder, if we may use a familiar term.  Many animals that man had or still has in his existence could, in the eyes of some, appear to be what is commonly referred to as a dragon.  The unicorn is the only animal that we would say did exist as man knows him, but a winged horse, more a figment of the imagination.  Dragons, that can be an iffy situation.  You have not had an animal that can breathe fire from its nostrils, but there have been some animals that are serpent in nature or appearance that do have a footed ability or that did have feet and had what could be referred to as fins or wings but were not truly able to fly per se.  So out of your list the only thing that we would acknowledge as truly real would have been the unicorn.

Questioner:  Thank you. On unicorns, how long has it been since there was one on earth?

The Council:  In the area of, in your earthly understanding or your earthly time, in the area of approximately 17,000 years.

Questioner:  Was the unicorn the result of experiments or playing around by mankind?  Or did it evolve on its own?

The Council:  The unicorn in its original manifestation came from the very early days of Lemuria.  It originally was a creation of the Sons of Light or the Sons of the One God or the Law of One.  It was considered a cherished pet and is basically a very early form of a horse; now this is at the time when the horses, or what you refer to as horses, were quite small, somewhere in the area of, shall we say, twenty to twenty-four inches in height, that is at the shoulders or front hoof area.  The Sons of the Law of One found an unusual fondness for the ancestors of your present day horse.  They were a gentle animal, very loving in nature and very peaceful. From appearances, looking upon the small creatures, they had a great deal of affection for man, had a great deal of closeness to man, and were somewhat protective of man.  They were very communal in their own group or in their own families.  They were a very gentle-natured animal, but they had very little means of protection from the more ravenous creatures of that time.  So in an effort by the Children of the Law of One to offer the creature a means of protecting itself through their mental abilities utilizing the genetic structure of the animal itself, they made the necessary changes wherein some of these animals would be born with a horn in its forehead.  Although they did not attempt to create this in all of these little creatures, they did attempt to influence the genetic structure of some of them.  Those that were born then with the horn in the forehead became the guardians of the rest of the herd.  The horn had a brilliance to it, much as gold has a brilliance to it, and it would catch the play of light; and as it moved its head then this light would reflect off of this horn, and it would scare other predators away.  At times, it was actually used in protection but not all of these creatures carried the horn, only some.

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Many Facets of the Divine

 I hope that this information from The Council will give everyone some additional thoughts on the nature of the Divine Creator of all. If you look deeply, beyond just the words, perhaps a glimpse of the Divine is possible even with our finite minds. The one term that should be of interest is – Ultimate Vibration. Everything in existence vibrates at a specific rate, each of us humans, every cat, every dog, every rock, every snowflake, everything vibrates. They each have a unique vibratory rate which allows each energy pattern to form that particular three dimensional object. The Council refers to the Divine as the Ultimate Vibration. Christ and the Holy Spirit are facets or active forces of that Ultimate Vibration.  The following is a dialog between a questioner and William LePar’s source The Council.

Questioner:  Is the Holy Spirit an individual like Christ?

The Council:  Very simply we could say yes, yet that is too much of a simplification.  You see, one must attempt to understand God or the Father, and that is next to impossible since the Father is infinite, all-mighty, the Deity of Deities.  How can man with his small mental abilities, his speck of spirituality, be able to encompass such an overwhelming existence as God?  God is in Himself, so to speak, an entity, but not in man's understanding, it goes far beyond that.  And in that entity there are personalities or facets.  It is like a diamond, a full cut diamond having 52 facets.  Each facet having its own spark of light, its own shiny surface, its own reflective ability.  Taking all the fire and brilliance from inside and projecting it through that one little facet.  Yet it takes 51 other facets to complete the diamond to give it its full brilliance yet each facet can use the other reflective or transparent abilities of the entire diamond to show its brilliance.  So, shall we say, God the Father the Ultimate is somewhat like that.  The three Divine Personalities, separate entities, and yet one.  Yes, the Holy Spirit is in itself the third Person of the Father, just as Jesus Christ is the second Person of the Father and the Father in Himself is the entirety.  And yet quite separate from the other two.  One may say that God the Father is the overall encompassing power or vibration or creative force, where Jesus is that facet which is the complete accumulation of the most vital essence of the Father and that is Love.  The Son, the Right Hand, is the heart, is the Love of that ultimate vibration, of that ultimate Being, and the Holy Spirit is that which is the wisdom and knowledge applied with the Love to give a just and perfect understanding and growth to all.  That is about as simple as it can be explained, other than yes, the Holy Spirit is an entity as Jesus Christ, and we do not mean entity as an entity referred to you or someone else, but we are talking about a Divine Entity.  Do you have some grasping of what we have tried to say?

Questioner:  A small amount.

The Council:  You cannot have much more than a small amount of understanding when it comes to the Ultimate of Creators.  Even in our closeness we have but a breath more understanding of the Divine than you have.  And yet we are far from where you are.  And we will never have that complete understanding until we go through the doorway and are seated at the actual feet.

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