Thursday, May 31, 2018

Using Our Inner Strength

William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, suggests that we reach out after we have looked inward.
The Council: There are many who have great inner energies or powers that were given to them to use for the uplifting and development of others, but many fail to bring them about. They become self-centered. They withdraw into themselves thinking only of their own spiritual development. This is wrong. One only develops by extending oneself. True it does take one to turn inward to find this. Once this is brought out, the inward is no longer necessary. Reach out to those who need help. In doing so one learns the process of growth and development. For only by doing for others can one gain for oneself. You are at the threshold of a new life, if you choose to cross it. It will demand much patience, much work, and much sacrifice.
Do not fear that you cannot accomplish this, for no task is taken on that one is not fortified far beyond need.
For each who takes a position, the Plan of the Infinite Father is also given strength. In case one chooses not to overcome all those karmas that may or may not be for them to accomplish, whether they choose through their own selfishness to go their own way, they will not interrupt the Infinite Plan, for others are ready to replace, so one must feel that they are strong enough to accomplish. Your Father is a loving Father. He guarantees you all that you need and then some. All this knowledge is written. It is only the physical frailties that prevent you from knowing it. This goes for each and every individual. Some of these frailties are as lessons. They build strength of the spirit.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2018


In this discussion between a researcher in SOL’s Research and Study Group and William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, there is an interesting dialogue concerning hypnosis.

Questioner: We had a series of questions on hypnosis. When you go into hypnosis, where are you?

The Council: That is not a question that can be answered quite as simply as it is stated. Depending on the individual, depending on how deep the hypnotic trance is will determine where you are or where you go. There are many levels of consciousness to each individual or subconscious levels, therefore one must be careful

Questioner: In hypnosis, can you tap into erroneous information?

The Council: Most assuredly, there are many levels or personalities or subconscious individuals within that individual so to speak. There is an opportunity to become involved with that portion of you that is not the most pleasant or the most honest. Therefore, naturally, the information would not be correct. Man does not fully understand himself physically, let alone emotionally.

Questioner: So then how much is correct information would depend on which level that you were at?

The Council: Yes. In generally speaking an individual will return basically to the same level for information depending of course on the information requested.

Questioner: Do you mean by that that an individual will decide upon a certain level and then will generally always return to that?

The Council: This depends then on the individual.  Some can choose to return to a specific level, others cannot. This goes beyond your ability to understand, it goes beyond the ability of even the most advanced of doctors to understand. An individual can be directed to return to a specific level of hypnosis or information if that individual is guided properly and in a consistent manner or suggestion made that the individual return there.

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