Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

I thought that I would end the old year with information from The Council that is an answer to one of this planet’s great mysteries – The Bermuda Triangle. Before you read on I will say now that this is a complicated subject. If you follow the link provided at the bottom of this posting you will find the rest of the information even more difficult to grasp. What we are dealing with in the Bermuda Triangle is the true nature of our reality and how it functions so that we souls can utilize this earth plane for our spiritual growth. Please do not feel as though you are not very smart if do not fully understand all of this at a conscious level. The Council says that it is impossible to fully understand this from our three dimensional perspective. Our vocabulary is simply not dynamic enough to explain the infinite to the finite mind.
Questioner:   Bill had asked questions sometime ago, and other people had the same question about the Bermuda Triangle, the area supposedly bounded  by Bermuda, Miami , and the Bahamas where there have been a number of mysterious disappearances that have been reported.  The question is if there are actual disappearances, could you please explain what is taking place in this area of the earth?
The Council:   It is quite simple.  What are you constructed of basically, or in its purest sense?
Questioner:   Energy.
The Council:   Very well.  It is a form of electrical energy that we have referred to as the spiritual electricity.  As it is manifesting in the material form, it becomes somewhat more gross, and it works then in the material form on a bio-electrical set-up.  Do you understand?
Questioner:   Vaguely, yes.
The Council:   The currents in the body that are transmitted from the brain to other portions of the physical anatomy are done so through minute electrical currents.
Questioner:   Yes.
The Council:   All right.  This electricity is instigated by the chemical reaction in the body; the chemical reaction or composition is instigated by the soul or the entity.  Now, the soul, the entity, functions through the organ that is referred to as the brain.  As the soul stimulates that organ through the chemical reactions and interreactions, then it manipulates the physical form.  The soul also maintains the physical form, the soul; its spiritual essence then maintains that physical form, the spiritual essence being a spiritual electricity.  Now what transpires in your Bermuda Triangle is that the electricities, the natural electricities, or the magnetic forces of the earth and the universe, shall we say, come into collision at certain times.  Those who are in the area of collision are simply "changed," to put it politely.  The chemical compounds that make up the physical form are reverted back to a less solidified form of that compound.  The "Bermuda Triangle" and the activity is an indication of the possible calamity that could transpire at the polar change or shift.  You are dealing now with the forces of nature in their finest or purest sense in relation to the material manifestation; so that as the polar changes do occur time and reality will also undergo changes so that certain effects will appear to have happened instantaneously, wherein they will not  have happened instantaneously but will have frozen in time.  The Bermuda Triangle is a minor effect of this frozen in time.  When the force fields are such, those individuals in those force fields  are, shall we say, changed -- "frozen in time."
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Christmas Message

The Council:  Let us take just a few short moments to ask each of you to experience the significance of this holiday, the rebirth of Christ and the celebration of His Birth.  Take into your conscious mind and into your heart the love that was involved in bringing this kind of experience into the world.  Try to realize the tremendous effort that went before and look at what has come out of it.  Take this love that the Baby represents.  Take it into your hearts and allow that same love, that same giving, to be expressed through each of you, to yourselves first of all, and then to those that you love, those close to you.  The Christ Child was a gift from the Divine because it signified the official entrance of the godly Consciousness in the creative realm, in the earth plane, in all of creation.  You call it the Christ Consciousness, but it is God in Action.  That is what the Christ Consciousness signifies, that is what it means, that is what it is.  It is God in Giving, it is God in an outward manifestation of love.  We ask each of you to accept this concept in your hearts and give to those around you, give love, give understanding, give compassion, give sympathy, but most of all give yourself to those around you.  May each of you and your families enjoy a very prosperous coming year.  May you enjoy a very Blessed and Holy Christmas.

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Friday, December 17, 2010

Auras-Learning how to read them

This is the third and final part on auras. I was asked to give additional information on auras as far as becoming an aura reader. Please be sure to take note of the last statement by The Council. It truly is food for thought for all of us who advise others. Early next year I will post some information about the Bermuda Triangle. I think that you will find it enlightening. When The Council speaks on scientific topics they give us additional information on the physical makeup of our world but also point out how our personal spirituality effects this universe that is our temporary schoolhouse for learning.

Questioner:  On reading auras, if a person wants to learn how to see auras, Mr. LePar had mentioned and a standard thing is to have somebody sit in front of a screen, and with a soft focus look at the person. Are there any other ways that you could suggest?

The Council:  Another simple way is the squinting of eyes.  But see none of these will work unless the person is really in the right frame of mind or has a great desire or a true desire to actually see an aura, but these are all little things that individuals can try and find successful. They feel that these activities have brought the success, and that is not the case.  The success only came through a generally accepted activity.  The success or the actual achievement of seeing auras is one's real desire to see it.  Knowing that it exists, knowing that it can be seen, and just looking.  The intellect really prevents you from realizing a lot of things.  The aura isn't there only when you are able to envision it or see it, it is constantly there.  It is the individual that is looking that determines whether they will see it or not.  But just because a person does not see an aura does not mean that it is not existing at that particular time.

Questioner:  Also, in interpreting auras.  You had stated that a person really has to interpret what they see in their own way.  Any other comments or advice on trying to interpret what you see?

The Council:  Well, there are some general things that could be taken for granted.  We could use that.  But ultimately the freer you are from restraints in understanding what you are seeing, the quicker you will achieve the ability to see.  You can designate certain meanings to colors and what have you, and you can actually fall into that awareness or make that a part of your own awareness and then it becomes accurate, but sometimes it is easier just to go with how you feel about a particular color or this or that or whatever.

Questioner:  Before we get off the subject of sufficient structure, am I right in assuming that one's auric field would be different if the chemical structure were different?

The Council:  Yes, there would be a difference in the aura.  The aura is a visual, let us put it this way, it is a body's way or another soul's way of visualizing the spiritual energies that are being emanated from the more condensed segment of that soul.  So the aura would show some quality there or some difference.  Here is a little secret or, shall we say, a little mystery in viewing auras:  a truly good person when they view an aura sees very little that is not positive in an aura, but one who is not so spiritual viewing the same aura will see more of a reflection of their own than they will of the qualities of the person they are looking at.  Now, there is a little food for thought.

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Auras – Kirilian Photography – Capturing the Soul's Rainbow

Kirlian photography is a high voltage, contact print photography. It is named after Semyon Davidovich Kirlian and his wife Valentina. They worked with high voltage photography in the late 1930s. Kirlian's work was first made known to the general public in this country with the publication in the early 1970s of "Psychic discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain" by Shelia Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder. Because of their pioneering work in the field of high voltage electro-photography it today is called Kirlian Photography.
Nicola Tesla used his famous Tesla coil to record the corona around various objects in the 1880s. The camera that we use has an automobile ignition coil because it produces better results than the Tesla coil. Our camera is a box made of plastic that does not allow light to penetrate. There is a hole on one side with a sleeve of cloth attached. The sleeve also allows no light to enter. The hand and arm are placed in the sleeve and then into the box. The fingers are placed on the film which is on top of a contact plate on the inside bottom of the box. 20,000 volts of electricity charges the plate under the film for about 6 seconds. This causes an image of the corona surrounding fingers to be captured on the film. Everyone’s picture is different. The thickness of the corona around the fingers varies greatly, that along with breaks or lack of breaks in the corona gives the aura reader general information. If the fingers are very lightly touching the plate, the gaps will show, so that you get the reverse image of the finger prints. One of the more interesting pictures that we took was of a crystal.  The individual who owned the crystal felt a strong affinity for it and always wore it around his neck. The crystal was placed on the plate and then he put his fingers on top of the crystal but not in contact with the plate. This produced a beautiful picture of the crystal and its corona.

The following is what The Council has to say about Kirlian photography and the Phantom Leaf Effect. This unusual situation occurs when a portion of the leaf has been cut away and then a photograph taken. On rare occasions the photograph of the leaf shows the entire leaf including the missing portion. Although the missing portion is somewhat lighter or less defined it is clearly visible. This phenomenon only occurs on rare occasions but it does happen. The Council uses the term “cohesive factor” when explaining what the camera is showing us when we see this Phantom Leaf Effect.

Questioner:  The first question is: Regarding Kirlian Photography, is there any relationship that we can definitely state between auras and Kirlian Photography?

The Council:  Well, there is a definite relationship and it should be obvious just from observing it.  The point that probably isn't as well understood or taken into consideration is in the actual photographing of the aura.  You cannot really see the aura, even with a photograph so you see the effects of the aura, and in Kirlian Photography you are seeing the effect of the aura.  This is based on a number of activities going on at the same time.  First of all, because of the chemical composition of the physical body, which is based on the electromagnetic activities of the body which is based on the spiritual condition of the body, you have the elimination of some forms of gas and, how shall we put it, more solidified streams of electrical current. The flares or the corona or what have you that you see on the actual photograph is a combination of the gases created and eliminated through specific channels governed by the electrical flowouts of the body.  So the induction of electricity causes the existing flowouts of electricity to take on an illuminated appearance.  Also, the gas seepage is ignited in a manner, if we can use that term, so that it glows, similar to neon gas, when it is excited it glows. This is a direct representation of the physical body and the spiritual condition as well as the emotional body.  You might say that the physical body is encased in a cohesive factor that is an absolute replica of the physical body.
Questioner:  Those are all the questions I had.

The Council:  Are you sure that is all the questions you have?

Questioner:  Those are all the questions I have listed.

The Council:  We would think since you questioned in such detail the aura, you probably missed one of the most phenomenal aspects of Kirlian Photography.

Questioner:  Probably.

The Council:  What of the phantom leaf effect?  That should be one of the first questions, if you are interested in Kirlian Photography, that would be asked.

Questioner:  What of the phantom leaf effect?

The Council:  The phantom leaf effect is a show that, or let's say, is demonstrating that the physical body is only a mirror of what actually is the living essence or the living container.  The physical body kind of fills in the actual living body.  If you remember we used the term cohesive factor.  Because of the nature of construction of the human body, all atoms are held together not by chance but by a cohesive factor.  This cohesive factor is somewhat stronger than the delicate electrical energies that compose the actual atom.  They are the, or let's say, it is the cohesive factor that holds everything in proper relationship, thus proper position in the body.  These are in the places they are and in the condition they are because of the spiritual aspects of the soul using it. Thus, when you find on rare occasions the phantom leaf effect, what you are seeing is the proof that this cohesive factor is there, thus dispelling the idiotic concepts that some have that if you lose a leg in this lifetime, in the next lifetime you are going to have problems with that leg.  Or if you give your eyes up in this lifetime, you are going to have weakened eyes in the next lifetime. All you have done is eliminate the material vestige of that body, which is the least thing or the least of the important elements constructing or made in the construction of your existence in the physical.

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Auras - What they are and what a good aura reader sees.

Here is some of the information from William LePar's source The Council on Auras. This was requested by one of my friends but I thought all would be interested. There is a lot more but this includes some of the basics. There definitely is mis-information out there about auras but our research has proven this to be accurate.

 The Council:  Many of you are aware of what is referred to as the aura, but  even in the most advanced concepts of the aura, again, you are only  beginning to scratch the surface, for the aura is your presence, is  your being, and it is composed of the character that you are: those  positive traits and those negative traits that you hold dear, your  spoken intentions and those intentions that are not spoken, those  things that you hold deep within inside of you; and as these  intentions change either from the negative to the positive or from the  positive to the negative so changes your aura or your presence or  your being or your character.  The only way to true perfection, whether it is achieved in the material manifestation or whether it is achieved in those levels beyond, is through your ability to love  without selfishness, your ability to communicate that love in  whatever way you have the opportunity to, and so those with the  greater love have a greater aura, a much more sensitive aura, now when we say "greater" we do not mean it necessarily in size but  greater in its intensity and its strength and its ability to extend   even further the concept and the action of love.  One may ask is there dimensions to the aura?  No, not in reality, not once you have left the physical there is no dimension to the aura, there is no limit to the aura, consequently, there is no dimension or limit to you, in reality.  You are unending, without limitation, yet you maintain a perimeter.  The purpose of this is to keep from infringing upon the spiritual rights or rights of others.  In those communities that are more advanced in the aspect of love, then your perimeter is much greater, there are less restrictions to your sharing.  It is the intermingling of this delicate energy that we have referred to as the spiritual electricity which is the essence of you and which can be related to what is referred to as the Breath of God, so that this spiritual electricity as it is made more godly through your efforts it becomes what is referred to as your aura and that is influenced and enhanced by the degree of love that you demonstrate. 

Questioner - Some who have professed to be qualified aura readers say that a good aura reader should be able to see an aura extending six feet away from the physical body.

The Council:  Well, again, a good aura reader will see the aura in terms that they would understand and could deal with.  The aura, in actuality now, if we can skirt the very outer limits of the material manifestation, in actuality has no color.  It is an energy field which is just that, but as that energy field is more and more permeated by the material manifestation, then it will take on certain characteristics that are related to the material manifestation.  Those characteristics are individually interpreted by the aura reader themselves.  There are some adequate or good auric readers that see small auras or tight auras around positive people.  This comes in contradiction to what we have said, but for that auric reader it is accurate providing, of course, the auric reader is accurate.  So such things are basically left to the individual who is seeing such things.  If one could be trained to see the auric field as it actually exists, not from the personal interpretation, but from a true spiritual sense, then they would see what we have stated.  They would not see color, but they would see an emanation of activities from the outer perimeters of the physical body.  This would have no color but would be seen as an activity of which we could not explain since we are talking about seeing with the inner eyes.

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Holiday message #1 from The Council

This will be the first of several holiday messages from The Council pertaining to Christmas. During the more than 40 years that William LePar channeled The Council they made it a point to give a special message to the Research and Study Group each year at the trance nearest to the holiday. This is the one from 1986.

The Council:
In a short period of time all of you will celebrate the season of Christmas, the season when the world recognizes a Consciousness entered the material world that was far greater than it had known before in its recorded history.  We ask each of you that when that season stimulates the attitude of love and sharing in you, that you do not allow that attitude to fade away in some cold breeze of time, but that you continue that attitude with you for the rest of the year.

If your world is to improve, it can only improve with each one of you, and it will only improve to the degree that each of you wish to improve.  Each of you are a vital, productive part of tomorrow.  Each of you control a very important aspect of tomorrow's future, of your world's future.  Be sure that that point in the future, that condition in the future that you have control over, ends up being a positive situation.  Allow the real, loving you to be expressed through that physical container that you use to grow with.  Do not let the world keep you in your little hiding place.  Reach out with an open hand.  When one gives, one gives with an open hand, therefore it is in the right position to also receive.  A person with a clenched fist gives nothing and receives nothing.  An outward stretched hand has much to give and much to receive.

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Council Speaks of Themselves

Many people have asked me about William LePar's spiritual/psychic source The Council. I would like to offer the following insight. Let me preface what follows with this comment. The Council has said a number of times that the information that they give can only be based on Divine principles. The information is not colored by their personal experiences in our physical world.

William Allen LePar

The Council, the source speaking through William Allen LePar, has often referred to themselves as "spiritual beings." We must remember that this is a very elusive term and can mean something far greater than what we normally have been taught to understand as a "spiritual being."

In our finite minds we look upon spiritual beings as living beings confined in similar manners as we in the physical, and this is not the case with some levels beyond the physical. But in this expanded description of themselves we begin to realize that there are levels that we can reach as spiritual beings that far surpass our present concepts.

Respectfully, I submit for your edification The Council's own personal description of themselves.


After a soul or an entity has accomplished a certain level or degree of perfection, through whatever system that is the ruling belief system of that time, then the individual or the soul or the entity is elevated to a level wherein it is not necessary for reincarnation. Once entering the spiritual realms without the need to reincarnate, a growth period is undergone. Many steps of awareness or many levels of awareness are accomplished, many degrees of elevation, many degrees of perfection until finally the soul, the entity has evolved into a state where there are no levels, no degrees, but begins to expand in love and awareness to the point where there is a total mergence or merging with other beings; where all ideas of limitations, all awarenesses of false limitations, have been done away with; where the person or the soul or the entity begins to realize its true unlimitedness and in that begins to expand greater and greater and greater, interweaving more delicately and more closely with all others and all other things, and in so doing grows closer to the Divine Himself. Once a soul or entity has reached this level, then they are in union with others, total union, yet completely individual, and yet completely united. This soul, this entity has its own personality, yet delicately flows in and out and with other souls but yet maintains its own personality, its own being. The soul, the entity becomes more god-like in that it becomes part of all things, yet maintains its own personality, its own being. Once a soul has reached this level then there is no name. there is no body as you would recognize or understand, but a more complete and unlimited Child of God, one who is so developed that no name could ever describe him. That is the existence we live in, and if you wish to use confining and restricting terminologies as levels, then we souls have to say that is the level we exist in. In all of mankind's history this level has never before spoken in the physical plane.
Even though we refer to ourselves as "spiritual beings," we use such statements only to give all who come to us some idea to relate to or some concept that they can relate to.

The Council has told us on many occasions that truth has always been available to mankind from the very beginning. As you read what they present, you may note similarities to information from other sources. You will also encounter new information. You may be surprised by some of the information revealed by The Council, to the point where it strains your credulity. The Council realizes this, and so they often begin with an opening statement such as this:

Again, a reminder as we have said before, we ask that you think about what we have said, the answers to your questions. It is not necessary to accept everything we say, but we do ask that you take the time to think on what we have said and hold it for possible use or acceptance at a later time. What is most important is that you do think, that you exercise your God-given mind. Use what you can use and store away that which is not serviceable at this time, for if you wish to see a dawn tomorrow with its clear blue skies, you must make ready for it now. If you cannot believe that tomorrow will be a better day than today, then it will not be so for you. If you do not carry the light of tomorrow, then where will it come from? If your tomorrow is not planned for today, then how can it exist? Forearmed with the knowledge of the path you are presently traveling, you are then in a position to create a better path for your travels tomorrow. The outlook for the children of the Divine is definitely a bright and sunny day. Only you can make the decision as to what your tomorrow will be. We have one distinct advantage over each of you, and that is we have gone through the process of life that you are presently experiencing and in those activities we have learned that one must never narrow their vision down to what they prefer to see, but it is great wisdom when one is willing to look at the total picture, even those segments that one wishes were not there.

Always keep this concept in mind when reading my posts: Use what information you can, and that which you cannot agree with, put it aside for now. Do not discard it, for you may find it very useful in the future.

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Jewels in the Crown

I must admit to you that this is one of my favorite pieces of information ever given by The Council in the more than 40 years that they have spoken to us. I believe that it states the essence of our purpose for being and puts physical life in its proper perspective. To my way of thinking, it is not what I cannot take with me that is important here. It is what I CAN take with me that makes this quote so meaningful.

The Council:

“Look about your own existence, your own home.  Look at your possessions.  What good are they to you?  Once you leave the material you cannot take them with you.  The only thing one can take with them, when they leave the material manifestation, is the good deeds, the love, and the concern that they have had for others.  These are the garlands; these are the jewels.  This is the crown that sits upon the head, and this is what you will have to wear when you enter the new world or the new land or the next consciousness, and if you do not have those jewels, those crowns, those garlands, then there are areas which will not be accessible to you, and hopefully, you will have at least one thing that will allow you entrance to that area you truly seek.”
Remember, The Council is not saying that we should not have material possessions. They are not saying that at all. We have a right to all of the wonderful things that this world has to offer. They are saying remember who and what you truly are and what your true purpose in life is: To be the most loving and caring soul that you can be, to be a living image of the Divine Creator of all."

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Love's Rewards

This next quote from The Council relates directly to the one from last week – The Love Vibration. In this one we are told what actually happens when we give out love. But they also point out something far more important.  When we demonstrate love through our actions we also create a more godly self-esteem within ourselves. Armed with additional power we can then give even more. It actually can become an unending cycle upwards towards our true spiritual nature. We truly become more godlike because we are emulating the love vibration of the God of all.

“The hardest thing that man will have to achieve, now listen, the hardest thing that man will have to achieve in his lifetime is the ability to love himself, not in an egotistical way, but in a godly way, to have self-respect and self-esteem, to be proud that he is created in the image of this Divine Creator, that he is a part of this Divine Creator, and because of this then he has the ability to perform many wonders, many miracles, many good deeds. He has the ability to give out an ounce of love and allow that portion of love to spread through the entire state of creation and return to him tenfold, thereby giving him the ability then to release ten ounces of love and allow it to return back to him tenfold.”

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Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Love Vibration

The Council tells us that the first step in spiritual development is an active love. With the following statement The Council explains to us some basic attitudes that we should try to establish within ourselves to begin to allow our natural godly love to begin to emanate from our being and in so doing we fortify any additional love that is in or around about us or within the situation that we find ourselves. Through this process we become more aware of the unity that we have with all and in this awareness then we also become aware of our responsibility to continue to promote an even greater awareness of this unity. Through this process we begin to see the flow and existence of God in all things and in ourselves. To add an even greater dimension to this on a personal level, The Council states that through our attitudes and actions in the very simple day-to-day existences we affect not only a positive attitude but the positiveness of all things around us.

The Council: “Much development and in fact the only development that an entity can fully make is in the ability to train and work with the physical.  And the easiest and quickest way is developing the attitude and the thought.  If you constantly keep on your mind your relationship and your responsibility to everybody and everything around you, you will soon be not only a channel for love, but you, will become a booster of that energy or that vibration.  You will add to it.  We will suggest for you specifically to begin to think in terms of service.  Think in terms of service to your fellowmen.  If one were to feel as though one's purpose was to be of service and in return through that service become more aware of the unity of man and God, great spiritual development can be expected.  The greatest growth that an entity can make is through his day-to-day existence, in the simple little things, in the establishment of a very firm attitude of his existence within the Grace or Love of his God and his existence with his fellow man.”

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Success in Spirituality - Another Thought

I realize that what is stated here is obvious to most of us but I thought that it was worth posting.

The Council:  In all situations, regardless of what they are, the curing balm, the healing salve, is understanding and caring. It can create a great difference and in some situations that are extremely severe, it can eliminate the worst of the possibilities at its very best. Yet it is the only thing that you as entities who are attempting to evolve spiritually have in your society today. Those people that you deal with day to day, the members of your family, close friends, those are your avenues for experiences that will allow you to exercise your true spirituality. Respect those opportunities, respect those challenges. Respect yourself and do the very best that you can. In the way the world looks at success today, success is only total success and that is not the way it is in the spiritual. True success is the constant effort, not necessarily the actual winning but the constant effort. Spirituality is easy to come by. Just show some kindness in the little things of life. Show some understanding in your day-to-day situations. Whatever commitments you have, honor them. That is the path to spirituality. Be a nice person. That is all it requires, a considerate, nice person. And respect the love that has been given to you. Respect the love that is offered to you. You have it now or today, but do you know tomorrow, it may be taken away from you because of the lack of respect you had today. Life is very lonely if there is no one that cares for you. But if there is no one that cares for you then maybe you should ask what is wrong with the choices you have made. If you love, you will be loved.

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Making the best use of time

Man rarely looks at the shortness of his stay in this learning place that you call "Earth," that you call "Life."
Man looks into a mirror and feels that he will always be, that he will never leave.

This is his inner self, his higher self, letting him know that he is everlasting and eternal.
But his physical body is not.
It is in this use of his tool, that physical body that he grows the fastest and the most profoundly.

Use your time as if you did not have a tomorrow.
Use your time as if there were no more tomorrows for you.
Use your time as if this is all you had left.

The Council

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Love is the Only Action Needed for Spiritual Growth

A very simple yet very powerful quote from The Council:

The only key to growth, spiritual growth, is love. The only action to spiritual growth is love. The only way or effort to spiritual growth and at-one-ment with the Divine Father is love. A simple word, yet a word that encompasses so much and so completely that even a breath from your lungs can be an act of love, and if this be the case then even your unconscious breathing can be a minister of love and healing.

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Success in Spirituality is Guaranteed

Questioner - In your opening statement, you referred to our lives as a lake that has been disturbed by our mistakes. When we come back, are we trying to change things so that the lake smooths out?  Is that what you were referring to?

The Council:   It is not necessary to wait till you come back. You can still the lake to a degree in this present experience or in this present  life. You must remember there is a portion of the spiritual cycle that is now in play. This is what might be referred to as a bridge segment of what most people refer to as the New Age or the Golden Age or the Age of Light. You are not fully into it yet, you are still in the bridge portion of it, and during this particular time, karma takes on a new aspect or as we have said in the past, the new karma, which means that you do not have to correct all your karmic debt from the past. What you must do to overcome the karmic picture that you have created and the need for any other reincarnations is simply live this life the best you can with what you have. It is not necessary to undergo the old practice of karma which is an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. In this bridge portion of the spiritual cycle, a new aspect has been added so that it is not necessary to wipe the slate completely clean. What is required is make the effort to do so, and then forget about the rest. Now, this cannot be a one-time effort or a two-time effort. As you live the rest of your life, you must constantly try to do the best you can. Oh, there will be times when you just will not do it, but spiritual success is guaranteed to those who fall and will pick themselves back up. So, if you try and you fall back into old habits or old ways, do not stay there. Try again, start over, and keep this process up. Then when you leave the material manifestation and you ask yourself, did you do the best you could?, your answer will then be yes, and you will move on to a whole new realm of growth and development.

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Concept in Motion

A number of years ago, during one of Mr. William Allen LePar’s trances with his source, The Council, we were discussing reality as we understood it. Our goal was to better understand our position as physical beings within the larger scope of a spiritual existence. Sounds very deep and complicated doesn’t it? It really wasn’t. It was just that some of the questioners were seeking a precise description of our true nature within creation. The Council said that it would be impossible to give the finite mind of mankind an accurate picture of something that was, in its truest sense, infinite and indescribable in terms that we could grasp. They said that our vocabulary was not dynamic enough to give a clear understanding. We could easily misinterpret what we were told if they did not keep the description to its simplest form.

The questioners continued to pursue the topic.

Now you must understand a couple of things about The Council. These souls are not only advanced in their spiritual wisdom; they also have a complete understanding of human nature and its unwillingness to “leave sleeping dogs lie.” They have stated on several occasions that it is not their purpose to spoon-feed information to us. We must think, analyze what they say and use our God-given wisdom, look at more than just the answers given. We must always search for the deeper meaning, the meaning beyond just the words. This was one of those times when they decided to give us more than what we asked for, but not necessarily in the way that we had hoped.

The Council said, “If you want to know the essence of what you are we will tell you. What you really are is A Concept in Motion. Now, that ought to keep your heads spinning for quite a while trying to figure that one out.”

At first thought their reply seems fairly simple. But, what does it really tell us? “A concept in motion.”

A concept is a general idea derived or inferred from specific instances or occurrences. Something formed in the mind; a thought or notion.

Motion means moving, the change of a body from one position to another, having magnitude and direction, going from one place to another or expanding.

Again, simple enough. However, in the context that The Council used those terms it’s not so easy, especially when we look deeper. First, how does the term concept apply to human beings? In this case we must go back to the basics of the term concept. It is a thought or group of thoughts that symbolize something unique. We are creations of the Divine, thoughts of the Divine. We are thinking beings that He created, that He gave life, that He set in motion. Ah, the term “in motion.” Does that refer to physical motion. No. The Council is composed of non-physical beings, creations of the Divine just as we. The difference is that they have advanced beyond the need for physical bodies. They are beyond the cycle of reincarnation. But they are also “concepts in motion.” The motion that The Council is referring to is the motion of growth, not physical growth but spiritual growth.

The Council:
The magnificence of God is beyond human understanding and the enjoyment of God by Himself or His own enjoyment of His unexplainable existence, was so great that He found a need to share it, and so in this need His Love was born and in the out coming of this birth then He created you. Now we use the word "need" and we do not mean it in the sense that God was lacking of something, but you can be so overjoyed, so overwhelmed, that to express this completeness, this total fulfillment, you feel that you must express it in an extension of yourself so that here again you may share in another enjoyment, in another expression, or another uplifting, or in another facet of perception, you see. So because of His Total Love, then, and the desire to even magnify that greater, He created you as a spirit or an entity and in hopes that you then would enjoy this exploration and that through you, His Joy might become even greater, and, thus, He shares even greater with you, so it becomes an unending existence in a conscious state or a conscious elevation of complete and unexplainable sharing and love. So it becomes a setting up of tremendous vibrations which if could be experienced in the physical world, it would completely shatter the entire universe. The power of such Joy, of such a Vibration, if you were to take one second and touch it into all of God's creation it would totally annihilate the entire creation. This would give you only a small idea of its magnitude and its power.

To make sense of this quote we need to define the essence of ourselves. What is it about each of us that is real, that never dies and is the core of our being? What gives us permanency? It is certainly not the physical body. What we must ask is this: What part of our being is constantly working beyond the physical processes that occur in each of us? It is our thinking processes. They never rest even when we are resting. The thinking processes are much more than random events of our lives. Those processes have form and substance. Substance of a non-physical nature, yet it is the essence of our existence. The basis of the thinking processes is the interaction of two elements. The elements that constitute thinking are character and personality. Character is exhibited by our attitudes, what we believe, what we don’t believe, our likes and dislikes. Personality is how we use those thoughts to express ourselves. Character and personality are in a constant state of flux, constantly being modified as we receive and digest sensory input. We could say that our personalities and character are constantly in motion, constantly changing, expanding, and growing.

It’s obvious that each of us is unique. No two people have exactly the same combination of character and personality. Each of us is a unique concept in the mind of the Divine and as we continue our existence we will continually change and grow spiritually. We are concepts of the Divine that He has set in motion. Each is a unique child of His, He who is the proudest and lovingest of parents.

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Truth About Medjugorje

If I wrote in this article that everything that happened at Medjugorje was not true, that it was all faked and explain how it was done, I am sure that it would make the news worldwide. Our society likes dirt, it loves sensationalism. Yet what could possibly be more amazing about Medjugorje than the truth! Read the truth from The Council.

I just recently returned from a pilgrimage to Medjugorje, Yugoslavia.  A little nervous, I feel like I am talking to God. What I would like to find out is the validity of the apparitions that are happening there.  I have witnessed some phenomena there, such as the sun spinning.  I witnessed a young lady from Scotland who had her spine crushed and she was healed at that time and several other things such as rosaries turning from silver color to gold color.  Would you comment on that please?

The Council:
This is all actually happening.  It is man's belief in a force higher than his own physical self, and it is the recognition that that force is not outside but totally within man's life and man's being.  Are those apparitions and miracles true?  Yes, they are. Why is it unusual?  Why is it always isolated to this area or that area?  It is man's choosing.  One can have miracles and apparitions and what have you, supernatural events, constantly in his life, if he chooses it, if he has the mindset, if he is willing to recognize that this Divine Essence is part of him, not separate, and in so this Divine Essence will manifest anytime man will allow it. Mankind does not very often see the supernatural or the activities from the spiritual side.  That is because he does not allow it. God does not hide his face from man.  Man hides from God.  Are we gods?  In time, we will be gods.  Are you gods?  Yes, in time you will be gods.  Let us add here at this moment.  Man is not predestined to anything.  He has planned his own life out.  He may reach his ultimate goal in any way he chooses, with joy and happiness or with pain and sorrow.  There is only one area that man does not have the free will choice and that is this:  He is absolutely predestined to reach his own godhood.  There is nothing that can prevent this.  It is a question of how much do you wish to endure before you are willing to accept that position. Does that answer the question?

Yes, thank you.

The Council:
Such miracles and such signs are only to stimulate the spiritual nature of mankind into realizing that this Divine Essence is not sitting out on some cloud but is most assuredly present in each and every one of you.

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

In the beginning, God Drenched the Emptiness with Images

Many times we run across wonderful quotes that in their simplicity explain many profound ideas to us in a very direct way. There are times because the majority of the people are not familiar with some of the ideas or the words or the way of thinking of these great minds from the past, so we find it necessary to bring in a little of the ideas of what they are trying to tell us into a modern language. This is such a case.
“In the beginning, God drenched the Emptiness with Images.” This is a quote from one of Robert Pinsky’s poems. I thought it was a wonderful quote the first time I heard it. It spoke volumes of information to me. Unfortunately, I don’t think everyone would have the same experience in hearing this quote. So, I thought I would add to that something I picked up in meditation. I do not want you to think that I am presumptuous enough to feel that my ideas are on the same level of these great thinkers, but at times it doesn’t hurt to add your two cents if it is within the context of what the quote is saying, and I am trying to do that in this situation. So let us put it together.

“In the beginning, God drenched the Emptiness with Images.” I have added, “Desires and thoughts are the creative forces for the creation of tomorrow.”

In our ability to imagine, can you conceive of looking at a vast area of nothingness and then all of a sudden feeling the Presence of some great creator throwing out a thought that creates a form in front of your eyes? Then comes another thought, another image, that adds to the first, and this continues until all of creation is in place. In our experiences, in our journey through life, we rarely think of images as a creative force, but let us look at the word “images.” Couldn’t that be something like cause and effect? The image is the effect. The cause is what? Desire, thoughts, are these the creative forces behind the creation of the image? Anything is possible in the realms of creation in the presence of the Divine. So if we say that the desires and the thoughts are the creative forces that stimulated the image that brought about the entire creation of the universe, then we can take it one step further and say that these images are the cause of the forming of reality as we understand it. It is no longer images reflected off a gossamer curtain, gently swaying in a breeze. It has now become a three-dimensional reality, something solid, something tangible, reality as we perceive it.

In our ability to create our life, we can form desires and thoughts that also become creative forces. We too can let these forces form into images that are projected on this gossamer curtain, a very thin veil gently swaying, so that the image becomes alive and begins to move, and yet we know that it is not completely formed yet. It is not in its three-dimensional aspect. What do we do with this to bring it about as part of our future, as part of our tomorrow, as part of our journey through life? Well, since we are not as powerful as this Divine Presence, it means that we must concentrate a little harder, project with more clarity the image that we choose. So it may take us many times concentrating on that thought, on that image. It may take weeks or months or even years, depending on how great that image is, how broad that aspect of our future life we want. When we attempt to create like the Divine has, we are creating in a very complex situation, a creation has already been set in motion, and we must work our creations within that Great Creation, and we must remember there are many others wanting to create better things for themselves, a greater degree of spirituality, a greater kindness of heart.

So, all these things must mesh together, intertwine, interweave, so that there is an even flow into the future. Those images will only come to pass when our desire is true enough, our thoughts are strong enough to become a truly creative force. We cannot be wimpy about what we want. We must be firm. We must be totally committed to our desires. They must be strong desires, the thoughts behind the desires or the thoughts that come from the desires must be very clear, very precise. How well do you know what you want? How strong are your desires to create that thing?

We have an entire world around us that is filled with uncountable dramas going on, all at the same time. Directly, these dramas may not be connected with each other, but yet the ramification of those dramas will extend way beyond the situation itself.

What do I mean by “dramas”? Well, look at your life. If you were a third party viewing your life from an outside position, you could describe it as a drama that you have written, that you are performing. So in the term that I use “drama,” it is the same thing. There is an uncountable number of lives in activity, in growth, in motion, that constitute all the dramas that create our reality today.

It is interesting how we hear a lot of people talk that they believe that thoughts are things, and yet it is just something that they are repeating, something they read that sounds good to them, but, the fact is, it is far truer than what we may think. For instance, how solid is that piece of paper you are holding in your hand right now, reading this. To you it feels very solid, very real, and yet there is no reality there at all, as we perceive it. It is our perception of what reality should be, that is, a piece of paper that has a thickness to it, has a solidness to it. But it is made of atoms and where is the solidness in an atom? An atom is nothing more than a bunch of electrical impulses. Everything we touch, everything we see, even ourselves, is made of these atoms. So, in a sense, our reality is an electromagnetic state or, referring to ourselves, an electromagnetic being, and as such wouldn’t we be more powerful than the inanimate objects around us? Doesn’t it make sense that if we concentrated enough, thought hard enough, desired long enough, that we could create a reality that would make us happy? If we attempt to create a selfish, little reality that centers totally around us, the chances of that coming into fruition is literally nil. Oh, it may occur in our minds, but in reality it is non-existent. Yet, if we develop a thought of peace, of wholeness, of kindness for all of those around us, the chances of that thought becoming a reality is far greater because it is not just our thought, it is the basic thoughts of all those who seek happiness, who seek to better themselves internally, who seek a degree of spirituality, who seek a communion with their Creator.

If you want to create tomorrow for yourself, if you want to be like the Divine who drenches the emptiness with images, then think of terms that would benefit all those around you. Don’t think of what will benefit you, but what will benefit others. When we wish good for others, it is inevitable and inescapable that that same goodness will be ours to experience at some time in the future, not once, not twice, but tenfold. We find our fulfillment, our greatest creative potential, our greatest ability to fill our emptiness with images, when we fill our thoughts with compassion, with love, and with caring. Use your godly ability, and drench whatever emptiness is around you with the beautiful images of peace, tranquility, love, and wholeness.

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By Giving There is Greater Room to Receive

This particular bit of channeled information struck me and so I thought I would share it. On the surface, it seems simplistic and on one level it is but I believe that there is more that can be discovered by meditating on what is said beyond the words.

Spiritual growth is not a way of life that asks you to do without, but it is a way of life that asks you to give so that there is a greater room within to receive. Matter, creation, life, the earth, is in existence because of a consciousness. Your life is in existence because of a consciousness that you have. Matter can be looked upon as the effects and consciousness is the cause. To change your life into something more positive filled with greater joy and peace, change your consciousness ever so little, if that is the best that you can do, and your life will improve, your happiness will be assured, your joy and your peace will be yours.

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Monday, October 4, 2010

True Geniuses or the Blessed Souls of Heaven

The following contains some thought-provoking information covering several topics. The information contained here, hopefully, will give us all a new perspective on how our world operates and how advanced souls choose to demonstrate their love for us. This information was given by Mr. William LePar’s source, The Council on 07-25-1987, as a small part of the 147th trance.

The Council: To use some traditional terms, so that there would be a better understanding, those individuals who are considered less than normal and particularly those individuals that are referred to as retarded, if, in fact, they truly are retarded and not just a lack of society's understanding or knowing how to recognize a true genius, if they truly are retarded, they are the blessed souls of heaven, and they truly are special entities.  And those of you who are fortunate to deal with such individuals or serve such individuals should feel very proud in a sense and yet maintain a certain humbleness in those entities' presence.  Now, we are not talking about worshipping or anything like that.  But you are definitely dealing with very evolved souls, in most cases, again. But the safest outlook is that all of them are extremely high entities or high souls.

Why do they exist or why do they come in?  It is a very uncomfortable life for that particular entity because they have very little control over their future.  All control and care is left in the hands of others, so they are truly subject to the wills and whims of those who are around them.  It is their choice to undergo such a state of existence to give the rest of society an opportunity to grow and to show their capabilities of love. And according to one's ability to show his capability of love also shows the quality of soul that that individual is. They come in for the world's benefit, not for their own.

Questioner: When you first described that group of souls, you made an exception of the world not being able to recognize a true genius. What does that mean or why that differentiation?       
The Council: Well, there are some entities who are pronounced retarded when in fact they are not retarded; they are so far advanced mentally that society cannot recognize a, how can we put it so that it will be, they do not conform to the mold. 

In other words, their mind, their thoughts, are progressing at a supersonic speed while the rest of you people are crawling like snails.

And their mind, the mental activity, goes at such a high rate of speed and is so creative that it does not deal properly with the physical body. 

And if this state of existence comes into play at the moment of conception, then the physical body itself may suffer as the fetus develops, and, of course, certain conditions then are set up where the metabolism may not be what it should be, body formation may not be as what it should be, it may not develop the way it should normally develop, consequently, those are repercussions that must be accepted.  Do you understand?  Or, let us say, those activities cause repercussions after the child is born and it would be entirely possible then that they may be deformed in some manner or another, the metabolism or body chemical functions may not be proper, thereby causing other problems, physical problems.  Do you understand?

Questioner: Yes, pretty much, I think I do.  If they are mentally so far ahead of the rest of us but they have trouble dealing with the physical, are they able to use their gift, their mental advancement, for lack of a better word, in the physical?

The Council: If some means of communication could be set up between the slow world and the high-speed world, yes.  Now, we use the term "slow world and high-speed world" not to stimulate your thoughts that something exists that you are not aware of.  We use that as a descriptive term based on our example just stated moments ago, snails and supersonic, what have you.  So, yes, if there were a means of communication between the two levels, although any malformation of the physical body that has already been created, that would not be able to be changed, and more than likely unless some, how can we put it, unless some avenue could be forged that would allow the genius to pay more attention to the physical body and its development, possibly or more than likely future malformations of the physical body or physical condition would still occur, unless, of course, as we said, some kind of avenue of communication could be set up.  But, then again, that is not a guarantee.  But some very creative and positive concepts could be derived from these individuals.  The best avenue of approach or, let us say, really the only avenue of approach would be being able to develop a computer link-up, because you certainly would not be able to digest that speed of thought in any other way.  The second avenue that would be even less likely would be mental communication.  Does that answer the question?

Questioner: Yes, except one more thing.  Why does this happen at all, that they have this ability but it is more or less that they cannot use it?

The Council: Oh, they do use it, they do use it very much.  Be thankful that these souls do come in.  You forget what we have said in the past. Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts.  These souls think just like you.  In fact, they think much more intensely and much more so. Their positive, constructive thoughts are being pumped out and more or less overwhelming and subduing the normal's less than creative thoughts or less than perfect thoughts that they are generating into creation.  So, these so-called "retarded" people who are actually mental giants are pumping out very positive and constructive thoughts to the physical plane into the realm of formation.

Questioner: So, we have those and then we have the really retarded who devote themselves to being avenues of service or avenues of the creation of brotherly love.  They are two distinct, different groups?

The Council: Yes.  So these souls come in to help you people, and when your little, shall we get very descriptive, your little "pea-sized" minds are pondering over something not much more valuable than your own personal desires, these advanced souls are pumping out energies and mental thoughts that are making up for your lack.  Now, of course, we are not speaking personally to anyone.

Questioner: That is very amazing.

The Council: Well, it only stands to make common sense.  How many times have we said over the years, the many, many, many years, that thoughts are things.  Some of you people say, "Oh, yes, that is a fact," but we can say that it is more verbiage to you than a real belief. Because if you truly believe such things, if you truly could see, then you would have figured something out along those lines long before the question was asked or before it ever came up.  The problem with the world today is that it is full of words and very little belief, and belief is verified by action.  What more can we say?  Words constitute nothing.  Action is proof.  It makes it so.
So, for all the "pea-sized" minds around, you have got to have a few geniuses and a few of the blessed souls to make up for the masses. Anything else?

Questioner: Not from this "pea-sized" brain.

The Council: As we said before, we do not speak to the large group on a personal level, but if you choose to wear the shoes.  We are not in the business of unlacing shoes and removing them.

Audience: (Laughter!)

Editor's note: This is a good example of The Council’s tongue-in-cheek sense of humor which is oftentimes a very dry sense of humor. Most of the time they are poking fun at themselves because they say it is the best kind of humor when one can laugh at themselves.
I hope that all of you found this information of value.

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