Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Treatment of Animals - Part Five - Moral Obligation

The Council:  You must understand that placing food on your table is placing food on your table whether you choose to partake of particular livestock that is more suited for the table or more acceptable in society as edible food or meat as opposed to that which may be wild. So you have the domestic variety as opposed to the wild.  It is still ending a life, an animal life, and you are responsible to end that life as humanely as possible, as humanely as possible. Those individuals who may have in their charge slaughterhouses that do not insist that the animal's life be ended with mercy and quickly assume a great debt.  To run such a business and not take the proper precautions or steps to see to it that an animal's life is ended as quickly as possible, as painlessly as possible, simply to save cost or because it is more expedient deserves severe punishment, and so it is, it shows a callousness, a disrespect for life.  To simply stun an animal to the point of near death and not complete it, simply because it would be more cost efficient, is totally unacceptable, and you have much of this going on today.