Saturday, September 3, 2022

The Council’s Opening Message – Lily Dale - Part 2

This is the second part of the message from William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council. It was given at his Lily Dale, New York Trance.

The Council:  Your earth, your universe, your physical bodies, your whole means of spiritual growth in the natural or physical manner, this is your creation from this essence of form. Because this essence of form came from the Divine it is the Divine, it contains the Divine, and in this it is orderly because it contains the Divine it is orderly. This essence shows the consistency of the Divine Presence. It shows that this Divine Source, the Infinite Father, God, whatever terminology you choose, is constant and can be relied on 100%. Since this essence of form contains the Divine Source, the Divine Source then is ever-present in all things. If mankind is to reach his maximum spirituality, then he must learn to experience his own humanity, that is his compassion for mankind, compassion and love for mankind. In all of creation in the universe, it is an orderly, harmonious whole. Man must experience that humanity, that compassion, within that whole or harmonious state. If man is to achieve this, then man as an individual must achieve a balance between the individual and the society as a whole. Man must accept limitations to his emotional desires, his physical desires, and his wants of possessions. Not doing so shows to you already the outcome. Your world is in chaos, whether you choose to admit it or not. The only thing that can correct this chaos is order, and that is the re-establishment of the Divine in yourself. The re-establishment of the individual thinking mind. The re-establishment of a self-respect and a self-love because you are a direct descendant or issue of the Divine Source. In so being, you are worthy of absolute love of self, not self-love in the sense of an egotistical type of love or a self-serving love, but the godly love that shows that you have respect for yourself, that you carry yourself with dignity, you carry yourself with pride, not pridefulness but pride. You carry yourself as a god that you truly are, and as a god that you truly are, you share that compassion, that humanity, with others. You give to them the love that you have for yourself. If you are to grow spiritually, you must first love yourself because all spiritual growth is based on one's ability to love others, to be compassionate to others. If you do not love yourself, then you have no love to give. Our task is to help you love yourself, by showing you the beauty of the Divine Source, by explaining to you those things you find necessary to understand more fully. You must again as individuals give up the mass mentality that has been inflicted upon you and begin to develop your own thinking processes. Begin to learn to see the Divine Principles in all things. Once one begins to apply the Divine Principles to his life, his life changes. It becomes far more peaceful and harmonious. And if one is to experience joy, then first what must exist is peace within that individual, for if peace does not exist within that individual, no joy can come to that person or that soul or that conscious state being. Cement your relationships with your Divine Source and in so doing you open yourself up to that very Presence. Your God, the Divine Essence, will not force Himself upon you, but waits patiently within you and around you for you to invite Him into your life, for you to invite Him to participate in your love for your fellow man. Contrary to what most people are taught, this Divine Essence or God is not a God of vengeance or punishment. He is a God of pure Love, forgiving Love, accepting Love, unconditional Love. Regardless of what paths you may have walked, He still waits patiently with arms outstretched, beckoning you to come to His Bosom, begging you to allow Him to express Himself to others who have not seen Him.