Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Humankinds Entry into the Earth Plain – Part 2

 Humankinds Entry into the Earth Plain – Part 2

The questioner from our previous posting followed up that question by asking William LePar’s spiritual source for more information about souls that chose to locate in areas that were more isolated than most who entered our earth plane.

Questioner:  So, there were other things that souls saw of value or things that they could use for their own benefit in other places that seemed more appealing to them than what was available at Mu?

The Council:  Most assuredly, most assuredly.  Here may be a key for you in understanding why some souls would isolate themselves from the mainstream.  There have been some souls who first became infatuated with the material manifestation during that particular time when it was not nearly as dense as it is today and learned their lesson with, shall we say, one or two activities or experiences and achieve the correction and therefore did not have a need to re-enter the material manifestation.  Those souls usually paired together or moved together as a group; paired not in the sense of two.  Do you understand?

Questioner:  Yes.

The Council:   And those souls, of course, by their activity showing that they were somewhat more attuned spiritually, wiser spiritually, had the foresight to keep a distance from the main body and thus they entered in fragmented areas or isolated areas of the material continents at that time; did what was necessary to overcome their condition and moved out of the material manifestation on a permanent basis.  They saw the possibility of being further corrupted by joining in the mass migration in areas like Mu.

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