Monday, November 6, 2023

Thoughts about the World on All Saints Day

Here is some insight from the deep catatonic trances of William Allen LePar. It can be extremely beneficial for anyone who seeks a truly successful life. Not a material life, which always comes to an end. But a spiritual life, which does not end, and the quality of the tomorrows beyond is determined by all our choices and efforts today.

On the day this is being written for the realms of electronic sharing (still pretty mysterious to some of us old guys), the state of Ohio, USA, is less than a week away from voting on two issues of profound importance. Regardless of which way the vote goes on these issues, each individual still has the responsibility for his or her own choices and actions as our physical lives continue, creating our forever tomorrows. (If you believe that your upcoming physical demise is the end of it all, well, to quote the Wizard of Oz: “As for you, my fine friend, you’re a victim of disorganized thinking.”)

Today is November 1, known in the Christian world as All Saints Day. Maybe other spiritual belief systems have a similar observance, and maybe such events somehow touch the higher awareness that we all possess. It is an awareness that still flows from our true, original nature as divine beings from The Divine Source. That is, if we are not deliberately ignoring our spiritual nature or we are the victims of disorganized thinking.

We will focus on just one of those two issues being presented for approval or disapproval by the citizens of Ohio, USA, on election day next Tuesday. It has already found approval in almost half of the American states and in so many other locations around the world:

the legalization of “recreational” marijuana.

In 1977, William Allen LePar was still struggling to understand the growing chaos in the world around him. He was also struggling with the best approach to unveil to that world the incredible, seemingly intrusive, event that had turned his personal life inside out – the advent of the deep trance phenomenon. He did not consciously choose that new life, but that “higher awareness” of his had other plans.

Obviously, LePar was never able to personally, consciously, converse with the spiritual source that utilized his physical form to speak with mankind, the source we know simply as “The Council.” So he had to have others ask questions for him.

The following quote is from 1977, when LePar had another ask this question. The answer addresses a lot more than marijuana, but that issue is what compelled us to “blog” on this day, All Saints Day. It would be wise if every bit of this answer is thoroughly considered in relationship to every individual’s daily choices.

Questioner: "Can you give us an answer as to why there is such an increase in drug use, the lack of morals, and is there a relationship between this and the rock music, and what will be the eventual outcome pertaining to the young people of the world?"

The Council: "There is most assuredly a definite relationship between the drug culture, the lack of morality, whether it be the social injustices or the physical immoralities that exist, the rock music, these all are related in the respect that this is the last big front that is being moved ahead for those who have turned away from the Divine Light of God. In their desire to recruit new soldiers, they use all diverse means to tantalize and tease the physical. But this is a battle that has been going on for man since the very beginning of Creation and then, too, a great upsurge of this in Lemuria, then Atlantis, and now in this time.

"The most direct link with the past would be that of the continent of Atlantis where in their final days between the good and evil that existed there was a great use of drugs, music similar to that of the rock music of today. That music was more of a form of music that would be electronically reproduced as opposed to actual, the percussion and wind instruments, although they were used at that time. That music was used to stir the vibrations of the most base desires in an individual and so it does its job today too as it did then.

"The drugs, of course, no explanation is needed in that. How it destroys the free will, and the knowing of right and wrong. It is a lazy man's way to spirituality and little does he know that it leads only to the pits of darkness and not to the higher consciousness. Oh, there are some glimpses of expanded consciousness with the drugs, but these are only false hallucinations. These if anything are the combined negativity touching a little bit of the truth only to entice the individual or group of individuals even into less godly states. One must remember negativity is as cunning and as deceitful as one can imagine and even more so. And it is quite that and quite probable that negativity does expand a consciousness to a certain degree only to entice it to fall further, to entice others to become part of it.

"As the final days approach, naturally more and more of these devices will be used, so that truly the wheat can be sifted from the chaff. So that the winnower will have the grain cleaned. And as time goes by you will see an even greater division between those that live a moral life and those who live a physical life."

That is the end of the quote. Pretty powerful, don’t you think? And thinking – reorganized thinking -- is something we all need to do if we want to succeed spiritually. As LePar once said in his commentaries on what he defined as “the most metaphysical book of the Bible” (the Gospel of John): “You are obligated to seek out the truth.”

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